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2019 Event

2019 Surfing Dog Championships

Saturday 2nd March @ 7:30am, FREE SUP With Your PUP workshop, Noosa Dog Beach, Noosa Woods, QLD

Sunday 3rd March @ 2:00pm, VetShopAustralia Surfing Dog Championships, First Point, Noosa QLD


Yep, you heard it right!

The world’s biggest Surfing Dog Championships held at one of the world’s best beaches is back.

For the eighth consecutive year, the ever-popular surfing dogs will be back on the sand in March 2019, with VetShopAustralia and co-sponsor Simparica presenting the Surfing Dog Championships at First Point, Noosa.

Continuing to make waves as part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, the Surfing Dog Championships showcase the best in surfing dog talent around Australia while also promoting the importance of waterproof parasite prevention and pet health.

“As Australia’s biggest and most awarded online retailer of pet health products, we’re delighted to be working alongside co-sponsor Simparica to bring the 2019 VetShopAustralia Surfing Dog Championships to Noosa again next year,” said Dr Mark Perissinotto, leading Veterinarian and Managing Director of VetShopAustralia.

“And the fact that Simparica is the best choice in waterproof parasite control for dogs makes them ideal partners for Australia’s premier surfing dog event.”


Dr Perissinotto says Simparica has an essential role to play at the event.

“We are committed to nurturing the pet and pet parent bond through fun outdoor activities so it’s imperative that pet owners understand the importance of protection when they’re out and about. Simparica is a flea, tick, mange and mite monthly chew that work’s fast and lasts…it’s that simple. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to promote water proof parasite control.”

And just because they are super cute, here are some photos of amazingly talented pups who love the surf and the outdoors.

You’re Welcome :)




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