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2019 Event

Once again crowds packed out First Point Noosa to watch another amazing year of the Surfing Dog Championships! After a week of rainfall, the day of the event was filled with sunshine and great waves for the pups. 

As the 2pm event drew near, crowds gathered to watch Dan and Sage show off some of their acrobatic tricks before the hydro-hounds were out on the water battling it out for the ‘2019 Championship’ title.   

The official siren rang and the dogs, with their owners, were fiercely paddling out to waves break all ready to catch their first wave. Rama and Chris off to a strong start were the first to catch a wave, and just like that the competition was underway!

Jonesy with his daughter Opal on his shoulders and pooch Hugsley hanging 10 up the front were up next, wowing the crowd with their amazing tandem surfing. 

As the competition continued, we saw Chris and Banjo, returning competitors, cut through a number of waves followed by our 2018 Champions Rob and Spike. 

Next, a crowd favourite, was Sam and Porkchop the British Bulldog gliding through the waves with ease. Team IndiAnna with Zane were hard to miss as they shredded up the waves, both on the same board! 

Dan and his pooch ripped through waves, showing that all his tricks aren’t just on land as he tandem surfed alongside his daughter. Newcomer Jay with his Golden Retriever Cooper even managed to catch a few great waves. 

Much to the crowd’s delight, competitors started to pull out some big surprises this year. Chris De Aboitiz and his hydrofoil board were back on the waves again as well as his much loved ‘backpack’ trick with his dog Rama. And Jonesy had the crowd in awe as his daughter Opal managed to stand up on his shoulders mid-wave with Hugsley on the nose of the board.  

Wave after wave the dogs and their owners showed off their skill however, there could only be one winner! Who would it be? 

With the competitors were back on land, team Chris and Banjo were crowned the 2019 Surfing Dog Champions. They were such a dynamic duo out on the waves with Banjo hardly falling off the board through the whole 40 minutes, definitely a sight to see! 


(Jonsey, Opal & Hugsley) 

(Dan, his daughter & pup)

(Chris & Milly on the Hydrofoil)

(Chris & Banjo, 2019 Surfing Dog Champions)


(Jay & Cooper) 

(Zane &  Indi Anna)

(Sam & Porkchop) 

(Rob & Spike)

From the team at VetShopAustralia and our co-sponsors Simparica, we’d like to thank all of the new and previous competitors for their huge effort, and for putting on an absolutely amazing and skilled display of dog surfing.

If you’d like to check out some of the fabulous images captured from the 2019 Surfing Dog Championships, PLUS some of the great shots from out SUP with your PUP workshop, keep an eye on our Facebook page