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Advantix Kills & Repels Ticks and Fleas Fast

Hi.  Dr Mark here.

As you’re probably aware, the paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a huge threat to the health of your dog and the east coast of Australia, where you live,  is where this most deadly of ticks calls home.

As we head out of winter and into the warmer months (September – May) paralysis ticks actively seek a warm-blooded host to bite, feeding on their blood.  After attaching and feeding, a paralysis tick starts producing a potent toxin that affects your dog's central nervous system and causes progressive paralysis and possible death.

Our dogs need to be protected against many nasty parasites and this can often feel quite overwhelming when trying to choose preventatives however living on the east coast of Australia means it's absolutely essential that your dog is adequately protected against ticks; particularly the paralysis tick.

To do this you need something that specifically targets, kills and repels paralysis ticks fast; you need Advantix. When applied fortnightly Advantix kills and repels ticks and also a host of other biting insects (mosquitoes, sandflies) before they get a chance to bite your pet. 

So take action against the paralysis tick now, with our special on Advantix.  It can be the difference between life and death. 


Advantix is the best flea and tick control