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Dimmitrol tabs for Medium Dogs 200mg

Dimmitrol for Medium Dogs 200mg
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Dimmitrol for Dogs 9-36 kg 200mg Description

Dimmitrol Heartworm Tablets is a tablet containing Diethylcarbamazine given daily for the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs.


Key Benefits:

  • Daily tablet to prevent heartworm infection.

  • Uptake from the gut is rapid.

  • Ideal for use in breeds of dogs that are sensitive to monthly preventatives.

Directions of Use

Dimmitrol Heartworm Tablets are administered to dogs daily. The dosage of Diethylcarbamazine for the prevention of heartworm disease is 5.5 mg per kg bodyweight. Dimmitrol Heartworm Tablets come in 3 sizes. Dimmitrol Heartworm Tablet 50mg for dogs up to 9 kg in weight. Dimmitrol Heartworm Tablets 200 mg for dogs 9 to 36 kg and Dimmitrol Heartworm Tablets 400mg for dogs 36 - 72 kg. This medication should be given with food.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient

Do not give to dogs that are heartworm positive. Do not give this medication to dogs that have not been on continuous heartworm prevention, without a negative test result for heartworm microfilaria. Failure to do so may result in anaphylactic shock and death. This medication should not be used in animals allergic to it.

Possible Side Effects
Side effects of diethylcarbamazine in dogs at heartworm prevention doses are uncommon although vomiting and diarrhoea can occur. If given to dogs that are heartworm positive (microfilaria present) anaphylactic shock may occur. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock include salivation, diarrhoea, vomiting, depression, lethargy, weak pulse, rapid heart rate, laboured breathing and death. In the event of an overdose or anaphylactic shock contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency centre immediately.


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