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Ear & Eye Care for Pets

  • Pet Eyesight
    Have you ever wondered just how well your pet can see?  Pets obviously can see better in the dark but why doesn't your dog recognize you until you are so close and have call his name? The human and pets eyes have the same basic design however each have evolved to have different abilities. [Read more]

  • What is Corneal Irritation? How do you deal with it?
    Corneal irritation, which is also referred to as keratitis, is a disorder that occurs when the cornea becomes irritated or inflammed.  Many different things can cause this irritation, such as dust particles, bacteria and viruses.  Even the wind or your pet’s own hair can cause corneal irritations. [Read more]

  • How to Give your Cats or Dogs Eye Drops
    If you have ever tried to put eye drops in the eyes of a pet that needs them, you probably know just how difficult of a task this can be.  There a few simply tricks - you can successfully get those drops where they need to be and get your pet started on the road to recovery. [Read more]

  • Common Problems with Pet Eyes
    Like humans, pets are susceptible to a variety of conditions that affect their eyes.  The more you know about these conditions, the better. It is important that pet owners are educated about them and the proper treatment. [Read more]

  • How the Dog's Ears Work
    Your beloved dog's ears go well beyond the outer appearance.  In fact, your dog’s ears are interesting sensory organs capable of amazing things.  Dog ears are made of three primary parts:  the external ear (also called the auricle), the middle ear, and the inner ear. [Read more]

  • Dry Eyes in Cats and Dogs
    Dry eye, which is more formally known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, is a disorder that occurs when your pet’s eyes do not make enough tears.  As a result, it eyes do not receive proper natural lubrication.  This can be quite uncomfortable to your pet and make its eyes more susceptible to infection & irritation. [Read more]

  • Glaucoma in Cats and Dogs - Symptoms and Treatment
    Glaucoma is a disease caused by excessive pressure from the fluid inside your pet’s eye.  Some pressure is necessary in the eye in order to keep its shape.  In normally functioning eyes, the flow rate of this fluid is regulated to keep a steady pressure. [Read more]
  • Ear Infection in Cats and Dogs - What You Need to Know
    Ear infections can cause serious problems for your cats and dogs.  Like all parts of your pet’s body, its ears normally have some yeast and bacteria cells present.  The problem occurs when these organisms increase too dramatically or when disease-causing organisms replace them.             [Read more]