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The Best Flea & Tick Treatments For Cats

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Cat Fleas! They are the most annoying pests living on your cats. Flea infestation can cause many health problems for your cats. Untreated flea bites can lead to anaemia and FAD in some cats. The secondary infections can be a serious threat to your cat's health and not to mention more expensive treatments.

At VetShopAustralia, we offer top quality flea and tick control medicines for cats. You will find Frontline Plus, Revolution, Advantage, Advocate and more, at discounted prices. We have nearly 10 years of industry experience and a registered & qualified vet to post knowledge based articles on how to get rid of fleas and ticks. VetShopAustralia is a registered vet-owned online pet store with an extensive industry experience. Since 1999 we have been supplying cat supplies, meds & grooming supplies so that you can shop with us with confidence and assurance.