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  • The Flea Strategy to Help Keep Your Pet Protected!

    It is up to you to protect your pet by being prepared with a flea strategy that will be sure to keep fleas far away. Don't wait for fleas to make their move before you take action, prevention is better and will save you and your pet from experiencing any unwanted flea troubles. This article will give you all the information you need to help you put your flea strategy in place and keep your pet itch free.

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  • Understanding Fleas

    The first step to preventing or getting rid of fleas is to understand these little critters. The more you know about them, the more capable you will be to set up the proper line of defense. You will be able to better understand the steps necessary to get rid of them if they do take over your pet and your home.

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  • The Flea Life Cycle

    Any pet owner who has battled a flea plague knows how difficult they are to eradicate. Taking control of a severe infestation is expensive, difficult, time consuming and very frustrating. Each flea on a pet can lay hundreds of eggs. These eggs hatch and can develop into adults in as little as 2 weeks in warm conditions, therefore in a relatively short time, flea numbers can build up to tremendous numbers.

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  • How to Choose the Right Flea Products for Your Pets

    There are literally hundreds of different products on the market for the control of fleas on your pets. Some work well in certain situations, others work better under different conditions. For all flea medications, following package directions is essential. Only use products that are labeled for use on the species you will be using them on (dog, cat, etc.). Cats in particular are very sensitive to different chemicals and products that are safe to use on dogs may be extremely toxic to your pet cats.

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