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One of the most common, dangerous and yet easily prevented diseases that our beloved dogs and cats can catch is heartworm disease. Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes. When an infected mosquito bites our pet, minute heartworms are injected into the pet’s body. The worms make their way to the animal’s heart and lungs where they grow into adult worms up to 30 centimetres in length. Here they damage the tissues, interfere with blood flow and eventually cause heart failure and death.

In the early stages of infection, no symptoms are evident. Once signs are observed, the disease will be well advanced.


The first signs may include coughing, laboured breathing, lethargy, rapid tiring during exercise and a swollen abdomen.

Preventing heartworm disease is easy and inexpensive. You can protect a dog from this terrible disease for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a month using one of the inexpensive once a month heartworm preventatives available from

There are many treatment options available to prevent heartworm disease in your pet including monthly tablets given by mouth, ‘spot on’ type products applied to the skin at the back of the neck and even an injection which gives protection for a whole year. Many products will also treat and prevent other diseases such as fleas, mites and intestinal worms.

Regardless of your lifestyle, your pet’s lifestyle and your financial circumstances, there is an affordable and effective preventative treatment available to suit your needs. Spare a thought for your pet’s heart and make sure that you are giving them the protection that they deserve.

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