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How to give your Cats or Dogs eye drops

Eye Drops and Your Pet

If you have ever tried to put eye drops in the eyes of a pet that needs them, you probably know just how difficult of a task this can be.  There a few simply tricks - you can successfully get those drops where they need to be and get your pet started on the road to recovery.


  • Bribery

Bribery is one of the best ways to get your pet to cooperate with receiving eye drops.  Be sure to prepare a special treat applying the eye drops.  Then, give it to your pet immediately after finishing the application.  Be sure to also fill your pet with plenty of praise and affection as well.  Before your know it, your pet will be looking forward to its treatment!

  • Prep the Eye

Some medicated eye drops can sting your pet’s eye.  Ask your veterinarian beforehand if this is the case with the medication you will be using.  If so, you might want to consider putting artificial tears in your pet’s eye before applying the medication.  This will help to decrease the amount of stinging caused by the medication. 

  • Get in Position

When applying the medication, your positioning is more important than you may think.  With a dog, you should position yourself at its shoulder with both of you facing the same way.  If you are applying medication to the right eye, have your dog lay down on its side in such a manner that its spine is against your right leg.  Be sure to have the medication ready in your right hand.  Next, reach over the dog’s back and put your right hand on the muzzle of your dog.  The pressure of your hand on the muzzle should cause the lower right eyelid to pull down slightly.  Your left hand should be used to control the top of the dog’s head.

With a cat, you should hold your pet on your lap in such a way that it is facing away from you.  If the medication needs to go in the cat’s left eye, hold the medication in your right hand and place your right hand on top of the cat’s head.  Using your left hand, put pressure on your cat’s left cheek in order to cause the lower left eyelid to create a small pocket.  Squeeze the medication into your pet’s eye and reverse hand positions if necessary for the other eye.

  • Where to Place the Medication

When placing eye drops such as aculur eye drops, Timoptic eye drops, and Trusopt eye drops into your pet’s eyes, it is important to know where the drops should be placed.  The goal with both liquids and ointments is to place the medication in the corner of the eye or in a pocket that is created by pulling on the eyelid.  You do not want to aim for the centre of the eye.  Afterward, you should gently close your pet’s eyelid in order to help it spread throughout the eye.  As with all medications, be sure to follow the veterinarian’s instructions closely.

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