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Hexarinse Oral Rinse Dog & Cat 250mL



  • A palatable rinse that helps aid in the prevention of plaque accumulation and gingivitis.
  • This alcohol-free formulation will leave your animal with fresh breath, while providing soothing, temporary relief of minor gum irritation.
  • Easy and ready to use.
  • The combination of ingredients work together to aid in the prevention of tooth and gum disease.


Dogs, cats and horses, for daily home care use to promote good oral health and a preventative against periodontal disease. 


Periodontal disease can be painful and lead to other major health problems throughout the body of pets, including heart disease, kidney disease, Liver disease, Diabetes and various infections.

With 80% of dogs and 70% of cats suffering from periodontal disease by age 3* it is important to use a product that is scientifically proven to prevent the disease before it becomes a harmful problem.

  • Veterinary Registered Product - Not all products are the same, it is important to use a registered product that has proven claims. HEXARINSE is a registered product formulated and used by vets in Australia and around the world.

  • Aids in the prevention of periodontal disease - HEXARINSE contains well recognised active ingredients used commonly in human dental health care products to decrease the nasty pathogens in the mouth and promote good oral health.

  • Helps with Halitosis (bad breath) - 2 out of 3 dogs have bad breath**, HEXARINSE promote good oral health and relief from nasty breath.

  • Aids in the prevention of plaque, gingivitis and alveolar bone loss - Chlorhexidine is an active ingredient that has shown to significantly reduces plaque and the progression of gingivitis.

  • Great tasting and easy to use - Simply squirt directly into the mouth directly from the bottlethis highly palatable solution is flavoured for you pets delight. HEXARINSE can be used in conjunction with regular tooth brushing and dental diets.

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