How To Choose The Right Flea Preventative For Your Pet

Trying to decide upon the best flea treatment for your pets can be a little complicated at times as there are many different product alternatives on the market. Spot-on and chewable treatments are highly effective and easy to use, however, there are also very good shampoos, rinses and sprays available that might be more suitable in certain situations. For all flea medications, following package directions is essential. Only use products that are safe for use on the species you will be using them on (dog, cat, etc.). Be sure to read all labels carefully and use the medication only as directed.


Oral Medications

Oral flea protection generally will come in the form of a tablet or a tasty meaty chew. Some oral flea treatments can begin working within 30 minutes, rendering all fleas dead within just a few hours.



Simparica Trio contains a specially optimised trio of ingredients for proven efficacy including the ingredient moxidectin, the same ingredient used by vets to protect against deadly heartworm disease. Simparica Trio is the first product to combine sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel in one convenient dose. Just one dose of Simparica Trio provides triple protection against fleas, paralysis ticks and brown dog ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms. Suitable for dogs from as little as 1.25kg and as young as 8 weeks of age with persistent flea killing activity for 5 weeks (35 days).

Nexgard Spectra


NexGard Spectra is a soft, beef-flavoured chew that kills fleas and controls ticks on your dog for up to a month. Combining the active ingredients afoxolaner and milbemycin oxmine, NexGard Spectra can be given with or without food and to puppies once they are older than 8 weeks of age and weigh over 2kg. NexGard Spectra also protects your dog against paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, bush ticks, mites, heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, whipworm and flea tapeworm.


Bravecto 1 Month protects dogs as young as 8 weeks old from fleas and ticks through the use of a once-a-month chewable medication that contains the same active ingredient as other Bravecto preventatives - fluralaner, an ectoparasiticide belonging to the isoxazoline class. Bravecto 1 Month delivers four weeks of protection compared with longer periods for original Bravecto chews and Bravecto Topical Solution, both of which are approved for dogs at least 6 months old. Bravecto 1 Month is a tasty pork flavoured chew that protects your dog against fleas, paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks and demodex mites.


Comfortis Plus gets to work straight away and starts killing fleas in just 30 minutes. The once a month dosing of Comfortis Plus also protects your dog against deadly heartworm and adult hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm infections. Comfortis Plus should be given with food and is suitable for puppies over 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 2.3kg.


Sentinel Spectrum


Sentinel Spectrum is a tasty beef and bacon flavoured chew used for the prevention of heartworm disease, for the prevention and long term control of fleas and for the control of roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworm in dogs. Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews are given once a month, year round with a full meal. Sentinel Spectrum is approved for use in puppies as young as six weeks, pregnant females, breeding bitches and stud dogs.


Capstar has been developed to target the adult flea by breaking one of the four main parts of the flea life cycle. The adult flea will be killed once it ingests the blood containing the active ingredient Nitenpyram. Capstar does not treat the environment outside the pet's body.


Topical Spot-On Treatments

Spot-on flea treatments quickly spread across your pet's skin and get to work quickly, killing fleas on contact. They are easy to apply and ideal for dog's that won't accept a chew or tablet.




Advantage works to kill adult fleas, as well as flea larvae for up to one month after application, and kill lice for up to six weeks. Advantage is waterproof, safe for use puppies seven weeks or older, and safe for use on pregnant and lactating animals. Advantage may be used as the only product for flea control as it breaks the life cycle and kills fleas emerging from the environment to re-infest your dog.



Advantix is a topical treatment that kills fleas at all lifecycle stages and repels ticks, including the deadly paralysis tick, mosquitoes, sandflies and stable flies. Advantix is an easy-to-use monthly spot-on treatment for fleas, however must be applied fortnightly to control paralysis ticks. With topical application, the active ingredients do not need to be absorbed into the blood, leading to a faster speed of kill. Advantix also kills fleas in your dog’s surroundings – your home and yard. And because it is water resistant it keeps working even after swimming or shampooing. Advantix is safe to use on puppies from seven weeks old, as well as pregnant and lactating bitches. However cats that share households with Advantix-treated dogs need to be separated from the dog for the first 12 hours or overnight after Advantix has been applied. The ingredient permethrin is highly toxic to cats, so Advantix is for use on dogs only.



Advocate is a multi-purpose medication that combines Imidacloprid (the active ingredient in Advantage) with Moxidectin. It treats adult fleas and flea larvae, as well as preventing heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm. It also controls other external parasites such as mange mites and lice. Application is applied monthly to the skin at the back of the neck. Advocate is water resistant, safe to use on puppies from seven weeks of age and safe to use on lactating and pregnant animals.


Bravecto Spot-On provides long-lasting protection with just two doses providing full year protection against fleas and paralysis ticks. Treating your dog with Bravecto Spot-On every 12 weeks will also protect them against brown dog ticks. The easy spot-on application also helps to control sarcoptic mange and prevent flea tapeworm infections. Bravecto Spot-On is safe to use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.

Frontline Plus


Frontline Plus is easy to use, controls fleas as well as brown dog ticks, paralysis ticks and biting lice. Frontline Plus is water resistant so it’s good for pets that swim a lot or are frequently bathed. Frontline Plus treats and protects from flea infestations and brown dog ticks for one month and two weeks for paralysis ticks. It can be used on puppies and kittens from eight weeks of age and is safe to use on breeding, pregnant or lactating animals.



Revolution is a topical spot-on parasiticide used in the treatment and prevention of fleas, heartworm, ear mites, sarcoptic mites and lice. Revolution kills at all stages of the flea lifecycle (adult, egg & larvae) and should be administered on a monthly basis. Revolution is water resistant after two hours of application, safe to use on puppies over 6 weeks of age weighing more than 2.6kg, and is safe for use on breeding, pregnant and nursing dogs.

Flea Collars

Flea collars are a great option for dogs that do not have a current flea infestation as they are most effective at repelling fleas. They are easy to apply and are a cost effective option ideal for dog's that won't accept a chew or tablet.




Kiltix Tick Collar for dogs are used to control brown dog ticks, bush ticks and fleas for up to five months and aid in the control of paralysis ticks for six weeks. Do not use this product on puppies less than twelve weeks old, sick or convalescing dogs. Do not use on animals undergoing treatment with other organophosphate based products including rinses, shampoos, sprays, collars and oral treatments.




Seresto Collar for dogs repels and kills fleas and ticks through contact, which means they don't have to bite your dog before they start to fall off and die. Because ticks and fleas don’t need to bite to be killed, there is a reduced risk of blood loss, irritation, tick paralysis and transmission of infections. Seresto collar works by releasing its active ingredients in low, controlled doses, allowing your dog to stay protected for 8 months against fleas and 4 months against ticks. It is odourless, water-resistant and safe to use on puppies over 7 weeks of age.


Flea Shampoos

Flea shampoos are ideal to use when an animal has a heavy flea infestation. The shampoo will kill the fleas on the animal and remove any flea dirt and eggs from the coat. Flea shampoos do not have any residual action and are only effective at the time of washing. With a flea shampoo you will also need to use a long term preventative such as a spot-on or oral chew product.


Fido's Flea Shampoo is a pleasant smelling, soap-free shampoo that contains the natural insecticide pyrethrin. It controls fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. Does not control paralysis ticks. Safe to use on puppies and kittens 12 weeks of age and older.


Fido's Pyrethrin Shampoo is a mild, soap-free shampoo with natural pyrethrin for flea and tick control. Does not control paralysis ticks. It controls fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. Safe to use on breeding, pregnant and nursing dogs.


Inca Malaban Concentrate is a treatment that helps to control fleas, ticks and lice on dogs, cats and in kennel areas. It can also be used to control sarcoptic mange mites on dogs, cats and red mites in aviaries. It must not be used on puppies or kittens (under 3 months) and does not control paralysis ticks.


Flea Rinses & Dips

Flea dips are chemical rinses that have an immediate effect on the adult flea population on a pet. They are useful at times of heavy flea burdens. Many products are also suitable for spraying around the yard and bedding to control fleas in the environment.


Permoxin is one particularly effective product and can be made up to use as a rinse and also a spray. The product is effective for approximately three days so needs to be reapplied regularly if it is not used in conjunction with other flea preventatives. It is very effective against ticks and is recommended for use in dogs that have a very heavy flea infestation. This product also works to control biting insects on horses. Please note this product is extremely toxic to cats and should only be used in households where cats are not present.


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