1. A dog is sitting on a couch in front of Christmas tree and presents
    November 30, 2021

    2021 Ultimate Christmas Checklist

    With the silly season almost upon us once more, VetShopAustralia has created the ultimate list (and checked it twice) to ensure you and your pet are prepared this Christmas.
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  2. 5 Common Causes of Itching in Pets
    October 18, 2021

    5 Common Causes of Itching in Pets

    Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) is the most common skin disease seen in pets.  An allergic reaction to flea saliva causes cats and dogs to itch, scratch and lick bites incessantly; creating a ceaseless cycle which is very painful. 
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  3. Dog shedding
    October 05, 2021

    Why Dog's Shed & How to Reduce It

    A dog sheds their hair when the existing hair is dead or damaged and new fur is growing underneath. This means that all dogs will shed to some degree all year round.
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  4. Are You A Responsible Dog Owner?
    September 15, 2021

    Are You A Responsible Dog Owner?

    Once you get a dog, it’s not just like getting a new car. If your dog plays up, you can’t just go trade them in. Getting a dog is almost comparable to having a new baby.
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  5. The Ultimate Guide to Paralysis Ticks
    August 24, 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to Paralysis Ticks

    Worryingly, 82% of dog owners who live in regions where there are paralysis tick are not treating their pet correctly. However, 65% of pet owners living in paralysis tick areas think they are treating correctly.
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  6. What Causes Anxiety in Dogs?
    August 04, 2021

    What Causes Anxiety in Dogs?

    Anxiety in dogs can be triggered by many causes, the most common being separation anxiety. Our 4 weeks to a better behaved dog Action Plan also provides helpful tips to improve your dog’s behaviour and reduce their anxiety levels.
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  7. Online Pet Pharmacy -
    August 04, 2021

    Online Pet Pharmacy - is owned by vets, with Dr Mark as its CEO, and has a team of pharmacists to dispense your pet’s medicine on prescription, with the same care and attention that you’d receive for yourself at the chemist!
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  8. A side profile of a brown dog showing off their pearly white teeth
    August 03, 2021

    6 Things You Can Do to Care for Your Dogs Teeth

    It is estimated that over 80% of dogs aged over 3 years suffer from dental disease. Dogs are really good at hiding their pain so you may not realise your dog has dental disease until they stop eating because of a sore tooth or you notice bleeding from the mouth.

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