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Oxbow Western Timothy Grass Hay Australia


Is Oxbow hay good quality?

Oxbow Western Timothy hay contains only Timothy hay, which is the best type of hay you can buy. Sourced directly from the farm, sun-dried naturally, and free from all pesticides, Timothy hay is the superior choice. Fragrant and green, all rabbits find Timothy grass irresistible.

Is Oxbow hay good for rabbits?

Not only is it incredibly good quality, but Oxbow Timothy hay is also the best nutritional choice for your rabbits. It provides your pet rabbits with all the fibre content they need for their digestive system to work well. Moreover, feeding them Oxbow Timothy hay is more convenient and affordable than fresh grass for most Australian households. Shop for Oxbow Timothy hay and other small mammals supplies at Vet Shop Australia for some of the lowest prices in the country.

Do vets recommend Oxbow Timothy hay in Australia?

Yes, Australian veterinarians encourage the use of Oxbow Western Timothy hay for rabbits. In fact, they recommend it is offered as a free-choice' food meaning it should be available at all times to rabbits and other small mammals. That is both due to its crucial fibre content and also because chewing on hay is the best way for rabbits to preserve optimal dental health. Since rabbits' teeth don't stop growing, they need to be continuously wearing them down by chewing on food to prevent them from becoming painfully long.

How much Timothy grass should I feed my rabbit?

Because of its high fibre, low protein, and low calcium content, you can feed your rabbit unlimited amounts of fresh Timothy grass or Oxbow Timothy hay. It is recommended that at least 70% of your pet rabbit diet is fresh grass or hay.

What is the difference between Oxbow Western Timothy hay and Timothy meadow hay?

While Oxbow Western Timothy hay is made of 100% Timothy grass hay, Oxbow Timothy Meadow hay combines premium Timothy Grass hay with softer meadow grass hay. The protein, fat and fibre values for both are the same, so you could offer both to your rabbits and see which is their favourite.

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