2017 Event Highlights

Done and dusted for another year, the 2017 Surfing Dog Spectacular was a fantastic afternoon for everyone involved. With a jam-packed shoreline, spectators cheered and watched in amazement as the hydro-hounds battled it out for the ‘Best Wave’ title. 



The conditions could not have been more perfect for the dogs and their owners, with the waves breaking just over dog-head-high.

As the official siren rung, the 11 dogs and their owners were off, making a mad dash out to the back, who was going to catch the first wave?

And just like that, Zane and Anna from Team IndiAnna were off and riding the very first wave of the comp. This team showed perfect control, and road their wave right to the shoreline. Not far behind was Chris and Rama, wowing the crowd with their signature move ‘The Backpack’ – this is when everyone knew it was game on!

Next to ride was Terry and Patches, who always get the crowd going with their playful antics. As always, Patches was nose riding like an absolute pro, gripping on tight and gaining some serious height!

Cruising along next was Jonesy, who earlier took out the over 40 Tech race, with his daughter Opal and pooch Hugsley. Not an easy feat sharing a SUP as a trio, but these three make it look so effortless and fun! 

Caitlin and Indi, the other half of Team IndiAnna, were the next riders and caught a beautiful wave in, leaving the crowd and judges in awe. 

Wave after wave the teams fought it out, and just when we thought it was every dog for themselves, Team Rama, Team Timba, Team Hugsley and Team Banjo shared a wave all in a row. As Steven, Co-Founder & Executive Director of VetShopAustralia quoted during commentary, “When your surfing with dogs, you don’t mind sharing.” 

And speaking of sharing, amidst all the action, a team of three humans and four dogs were secretly making their way out the back on Chris’s enormous 17-foot long stand-up paddle board (AKA Big Red). Soon joined by Chris, and following a huge effort, the eight managed to ride a brief wave, which ended in a domino effect and each rider flying off. None the less it got the entire crowd laughing. 

With all teams giving it their absolute best it was a very tough decision for the judges. But taking out top spot with their stunning and effortless performance, Caitlin and Indi were crowed the 2017 Surfing Dog Spectacular ‘Best Wave’ title winners. 

From the team at VetShopAustralia and our co-sponsors Seresto, we’d like to thank all of the competitors for their huge effort, and for once again putting on an absolutely amazing and skilled display of dog surfing. 

If you’d like to check out some of the fabulous images captured from the 2017 Surfing Dog Spectacular, PLUS some of the great shots from out SUP with your PUP workshop, head on over to our Facebook page, facebook.com/vetshopaustralia and check out our albums.

See you all next year!


2017 Event HighlightsJonsey & Hugsley


2017 Event HighlightsTerry & Patches


2017 Event HighlightsChris & Rama


2017 Event HighlightsCaitlin & Indi


2017 Event HighlightsPaul & Timba


2017 Event HighlightsBig Red and Team


All photos courtesy of Keith Hamlyn


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