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Dog Muscle and Joint Care

It must be a lot of fun being a dog! All that running around, playing, and living a constantly active life. Being a dog guardian is great fun for you, too – it keeps you fit and healthy, and gives you the special bonding experience of spending happy times with the furry friend you love so much.

This is why you want to keep your dog healthy and active for the whole of their lives, making sure that the fun times can go on for as long as possible. At Vet Shop Australia, we make it easy for you to take the proper care of your pet, with our extensive range of dog joint and muscle supplements online.

Keep your pet pain-free with dog joint supplements

You want your dog to enjoy maximum mobility and a life free from pain at every stage. Dog joint supplements are a safe and easy way of ensuring this and improving your dog’s quality of life. As they get older, dogs become more prone to conditions like dysplasia and arthritis, which can cause them pain and reduce their mobility. Giving your dog joint supplements while they’re still young, active, and in good health reduces the risks of these conditions occurring as your furry friend gets older.

Did you know that almost 80 percent of dogs aged over seven years old experience some of the symptoms of arthritis? This can be very uncomfortable and painful for your pet, but dogs are well-known experts when it comes to hiding their discomfort. It might be obvious that something is wrong with your dog if he or she is limping or has swollen joints, but if these things aren’t happening, there’s a chance your pet could be uncomfortable, and you won’t even know anything about it.

Some of the more subtle signs of arthritis and joint problems to look out for include:

  •             Raising one leg
  •             Tiring more quickly on walks
  •             Refusing to walk upstairs
  •             Having difficulty sitting down, standing up, or jumping

One of the biggest favours you can do for your dog is to start them on joint supplements before they get to the stage where they actually develop arthritis. This will strengthen their joints and help to keep them active and mobile.

Other joint problems, including dysplasia, also become more common in dogs as they age. Dysplasia is a painful condition where the knee or elbow joint doesn’t fit properly in the socket. Over time, the strain put on the badly fitting joint is likely to lead to arthritis.

Which breeds benefit most from dog joint supplements?

All dogs are at risk of developing problems with their joints as they get older. Overall, it tends to be larger breeds that are at greater risk of these conditions developing, due to the added strain that their mass puts on their bodies.

The breeds that are the most prone to hip dysplasia are large dogs, including the Bulldog, St Bernard, and the Newfoundland. Knee dysplasia is also common in large dogs – it is most regularly found in breeds such as the Chow Chow, the Rottweiler, and the German Shepherd.

However, small breeds are also vulnerable, particularly when it comes to their knees. Knee problems are common in Maltese, Jack Russell, and Pomeranian dogs, as well as many other small and toy breeds.

Overall, supplements can be just as important for a tiny Chihuahua as they are for a huge Great Dane! This is why we offer a wide range of dog joint supplements online, at the lowest possible prices, so you can give your faithful friend the very best care.

Dog muscle supplements for strength and mobility

Many humans take muscle supplements, and they can also benefit your dog in a number of ways. Dog muscle supplements are recommended for more athletic, active dogs with larger physiques. If your canine pal is always bouncing with energy and requires a lot of exercise, they might not be able to get all the protein they need from their diet alone. Muscle supplements can help your dog to produce more of the amino acids that make protein. This will help their bodies to sustain the amount of energy they use, so they can live the active, athletic lifestyle they love.

This can be particularly important if your dog takes part in canine sports, such as agility or fly ball. The extra muscle mass produced by dog muscle supplements will help to give them the strength and stamina they need to excel in these activities.

In addition, some dogs are just designed to be muscular! Breeds such as Rottweilers and bull breeds, including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, look and feel better when their muscular physiques are maintained. Muscle supplements can help them to maintain the muscle they’re designed to have.

However, the most important job of muscle supplements and lotions is to prevent muscle atrophy in older dogs. As dog's age, their muscles can start to waste, particularly if they suffer from arthritis or other joint conditions that affect their mobility and prevent them from getting as much exercise as they might have done in the past. Treating your dog with supplements and lotions can help to stop their muscles from shrinking. This makes your dog’s body more able to support their joints, so your pal will have the strength to continue living an active life, even when they’re older.

Vet Shop Australia offers a range of dog muscle supplements online, so you can keep your dog in great condition and enjoy plenty more active time together throughout their whole lives.

Everything you need to keep your dog healthy and happy

Caring for a dog involves a lot of time and attention. This is why it helps to know that you’re using products that are of the highest quality. We set up Vet Shop Australia back in 1999 to offer Australian animal lovers all the excellent products they need to offer their pets the very best standards of care at all stages of their lives.

We offer a comprehensive range of dog supplies for all ages and breeds of dogs, from puppies through to seniors. We can provide you with the healthy food you need for your dog’s diet. We also offer a wide range of solutions for keeping their skin, coat, and teeth in great condition. We also stock an extensive selection of accessories and toys, which will enrich your dog’s life and enable you to have even more fun together!

We understand just how much you love your precious dog – because we love them too! Vet Shop Australia is owned and run entirely by highly experienced, registered Australian veterinary surgeons and animal health practitioners. We dedicate our lives to doing our very best for animals, and we want to pass on our knowledge to you. We only sell products from suppliers we absolutely trust, and we won’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t be comfortable giving to our own dogs.

Part of our core belief is that great pet care should be available for all companion animals. This is why we keep our prices as low as possible without ever compromising on quality. We don’t want your budget to be a barrier to you doing the very best for your dog. We want to help you show them all the love and care they deserve – and they’ll give it right back every time they snuggle with you, bring you a toy, or give you a paw! Dogs bring so much enrichment to our lives, and they deserve the very best.

You can shop our range of dog muscle and joint supplements here. And, we’re always happy to offer more help and advice about any of the products we sell! Please contact us by phone or email to speak to one of our team.

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