Paragard Allwormer For Dogs

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Paragard Dog Worming Tablets FAQs

What is Paragard Allwormer ?

Paragard Allwormer for Dogs is an oral, chewable tablet created to fight and prevent worm infections in dogs. Containing Praziquantel and Oxibendazole, this medication targets almost all most common intestinal worms and is one of Australia’s pet owners' favourite wormers. Paragard Allwormer tablets are available in liver flavour, ensuring a delightful worm prevention and treatment for your furry friend. Let your dog savour it as a treat or easily mix it into their meals for a hassle-free treatment.

What is Paragard used for in dogs?

Paragard Allwormer has been formulated to prevent and treat existing infestations of the most common gastro-intestinal types of worms including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.

Does Paragard treat heartworm?

Paragard Allwormer does not treat heartworm. If you want to protect your dog against this fatal parasite, you might want to explore our extensive range of reliable and effective heartwormers.

How effective is Paragard for dogs?

When administered as prescribed, Paragard Wormer for Dogs is extremely effective in preventing and freeing your dog from the most common types of intestinal worms in Australia. Paragard has a broad-spectrum, long-lasting agency against intestinal worms and tapeworms. For a more complete protection, we recommend you also treat your dog with a flea and tick product.

How long does it take for Paragard for dogs to start working?

Paragard Allwormer active ingredients are fast-acting and start working as soon as your dog ingests the tablet. If any worms were present, they might be visible in your pet’s droppings for up to 48 hours after treatment.

How often should I give Paragard Allwormer to my dog?

If you have a puppy, administer the right amount of Paragard Allwormer for their body weight at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks of age. After that, treat like an adult dog, which should be given Paragard Wormer for Dogs every 3 months, unless your veterinarian recommended a different frequency.

What is the right dosage of Paragard Alllwormer Tablets for my dog?

The right amount of Paragard Allwormer to give your dog depends on your pet’s weight and the product you have purchased. We currently stock the small, medium and large dogs packages.

Dog Weight Pack Colour Tablet Strength
Small Dogs 2-4kg Purple 11.3mg
Medium Dogs 4.1-10kg  Green 28.3mg
Large Dogs 10.1-25kg Red 68.0mg

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