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Eukanuba Dog Food

Eukanuba dog food is full of all the daily requirements your dog needs to keep them feeling good on the inside and out. Scientifically formulated to deliver the right amount of nutrients to maintain and support your dog’s active lifestyle and development, Eukanuba dry food comes in various formulations depending on the age and weight of your dog. At Vet Shop Australia, we stock:


  • Eukanuba adult dog food (for either small, medium or large breeds)

  • Eukanuba puppy food (small, medium or large breeds)

  • Eukanuba senior dog food (small, medium, large breeds or all breeds)

  • Eukanuba dog weight control food (for small, medium or large breeds)


Buy Eukanuba dog food online at Vet Shop Australia and enjoy a highly competitive price and affordable nationwide delivery on all orders. Before you check out, don’t forget to grab some tasty dog treats to reward good behaviour or show your fur baby some love.



Is Eukanuba grain-free?

No, Eukanuba is a grain-inclusive dog food that contains wheat, barley, corn and rice. The estimated carbohydrates level of Eukanuba dry food is 46%, which is lower than most other dry dog food products.


What is Eukanuba dog food made from?

While the specific formulation changes depending on which Eukanuba product you are purchasing, you can expect all Eukanuba dog food to contain protein, grains, egg products, omega fatty acids and calcium-rich products, and other healthy and nutritious elements.


Do vets recommend Eukanuba?

Yes, Eukanuba dog food comes highly recommended by veterinarians due to its scientifically formulated composition by in-house pet nutritionists.


Is Eukanuba right for my puppy?

Absolutely! Eukanuba puppy food is specifically formulated to support and sustain your newest family member in his or her growth. Their first year is a fundamental time for physical and mental development. As a fur parent, it’s on you to feed your pet nutritious and well-balanced food that is higher in proteins than adult dog food. According to the breed of your dog, choose between Eukanuba puppy for small, medium or large breeds and rest easy knowing your puppy is getting all the right nutrients.

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