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    Advance Dog Oodles Large Salmon & Rice 13kg
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  2. Advance Dog Oodles Large Salmon & Rice 2.5kg
    Advance Dog Oodles Large Salmon & Rice 2.5kg
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    Advance Dog Oodles Small Salmon & Rice 13kg
    Special Price $102.82 Regular Price $112.82
    Advance Dog Oodles Small Salmon & Rice 2.5kg
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Dog Food

Your reliable source of top-quality, cheap dog food in Australia

Your dog is your best friend. From the sloppy kisses that wake you up each morning to the enthusiastic greetings they give you every time you get home, you can’t imagine life without your canine companion by your side. Through thick and thin, your dog gives you constant, unconditional love – and you want to give them the same right back.

Feeding your dog with the right dog food is one of the best ways to show your four-legged friend just how much you care. At Vet Shop Australia, we offer a huge range of wet and dry dog foods, along with a wide selection of tasty treats to keep your dog healthy and happy at every stage of life.

We believe that every dog parent should be able to give their beloved friend the finest quality diet. This is why we keep our prices affordable for all. Your pet is priceless to you, and we want you to be able to enjoy the special bond you share for as long as possible, no matter your budget.

Dog foods for every breed and size

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes! From the tiniest Chihuahua to the most enormous Great Dane, your dog is a continual source of love and fun in your life. To give them the longest and happiest life possible, you need to provide them with dog food which is nutritionally tailored to their age, size, and breed.

We are run by a team of qualified, licenced veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals. This means we’re highly experienced at dealing with every breed of dog, so we understand the unique nutritional needs of your particular pet. Whether you have a fashionable French Bulldog, a loyal Labrador, or a precious mixed breed of unknown origin, we can provide you with food to give your special friend the best possible quality of life.

Our range includes food suitable for all dogs, as well as products specifically tailored for large, medium, small or toy breeds, keeping your canine friend at a healthy weight and giving them the energy they need to enjoy a long, playful, and active life at your side.

The right dog food for every stage of life

Every stage of a dog’s life comes with its own joys and trials. When you welcome a tiny puppy into your home, you can expect hours of fun every day, alongside the challenges of house training and teaching them what they can and can’t chew! Puppies grow extremely quickly, so they need specialist puppy food which will provide them with the nutrition and energy they need to grow up strong, healthy, and happy. The right food can also help with training – there’s nothing like some tasty motivation to help your puppy learn commands more quickly!

Your adult dog is the most loyal and loving companion in the world. In return, they need daily mental stimulation, exercise, and active play. These things reinforce the special and unique bond between you, as well as giving your dog the happiest and healthiest life possible. By feeding your best friend with the right dog food, you can help to ensure they have the energy they need to enjoy life to the full every day. It can also help to prevent illness, keeping your dog feeling fit, well, and ready for anything!

In your dog’s senior years, they will love to snuggle up to you most of the time but will still need exercise to keep them in the best possible physical and mental health. Giving your senior dog the right nutrition is essential for keeping them with you for as long as possible and is the perfect reward for a lifetime of love and companionship.

Whatever stage of life your dog is at, Vet Shop Australia can provide top-quality, nutritionally balanced, cheap dog food which will keep your precious pet happy and healthy for longer. We understand how much you love your dog, and we want to help you give them the very best, from puppyhood right the way through to your canine’s golden years.

Delicious dog food your pet will love!

Dogs have a reputation for having huge appetites. But, every dog is different – some are regular eating machines who will happily chow down on whatever you put in front of them, while others are incredibly fussy eaters! Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a diet which will keep your dog enthusiastic about eating their food.

As we are run by a team of highly experienced, qualified veterinary professionals, we understand all the challenges that come with trying to find the right food for your furry friend. We keep our range varied and packed with tasty, healthy ingredients, so it’s never been easier to persuade your dog to eat a healthy diet!

We only sell trusted, reputable brands which we are happy to feed to our own dogs – so you know you are completely safe feeding them to yours. With all the right nutritional elements and great flavours, our dog foods are ideal for even the fussiest eaters and will keep your dog running to the food bowl.

We offer food products to care for all elements of your dog’s health, from their skin and coat through to strong, healthy teeth. You can get even more enjoyment from that little wet nose and wild wagging tail, knowing that you’re doing your very best to keep your beloved dog in the very best of health.

The right food can also keep your dog motivated to behave well at every stage of life, making the time you spend together even more enjoyable!

And for your other animal friends…

Your dog might be the only pet in the home, but alternatively, you might have a whole extended animal family sharing your life! We love all animals, and we want them all to enjoy a nutritious, delicious diet designed to keep them in the very best of health.

If your dog is lucky enough to enjoy life with a feline friend, we can provide the purrfect cat food to keep your kitty healthy and happy. We can also cater for a wide range of other animal companions, including rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, and farm animals, as well as birds, fish, and reptiles!

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality food for your entire animal family, as we understand just how much they mean to you and how much love you want to give them every day. Feeding them a healthy diet is the ideal way to reward them for all the love and happiness they give you throughout their lives.

The easy way to buy dog food online in Australia

Vet Shop Australia is all about providing Australian animal lovers with products to give their pets the very best quality of life. For 20 years, we have been testing and supplying dog food products to owners in all areas of Australia and around the world.

As veterinary professionals, we know exactly what your precious pooch needs, and we want to make it easy for you to access top-quality, cheap dog food for every stage of your canine’s life. This is why we offer a simple, straightforward, and completely secure online ordering system, so your furry friends can get their paws on the food they love as easily as possible! We process all orders as quickly as we can and offer low-cost, fully tracked shipping across Australia.

You can shop our extensive range of wet and dry dog foods here, and give your dogs a diet they’ll continue to love you for! And, if you have any questions about any of the pet food products we sell, our highly experienced team are always happy to help. Please contact us for more information.