Pet Food

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Pet Food

The finest selection of top-quality, low priced pet food online in Australia

Animals make the world a better place – they give us unconditional love and make us smile a hundred times a day with their antics! When you have a pet, you want to do your very best for them. That includes feeding them top-quality food.

Vet Shop Australia is dedicated to providing Australian pet owners with the very best pet food online, all at affordable prices. Whatever type of animals you own, from cats and dogs through to more unusual pets, we offer an outstanding range of pet food which is proven to be healthy and sourced from only the most trusted suppliers.

Providing your pets with the correct nutrition is one of the most effective ways of giving them a long and healthy life. There is no better way to show your love for your pet and express your gratitude for all the love and enjoyment they give you.

Food for healthy, active dogs

Australia is a nation of dog lovers, and these amazing animals bring so much joy into our lives! We want to help you do the very best for your canine buddy, which is why we offer an extensive range of dog food.

From tiny toy dogs through to large breeds, we can provide you with wet and dry food appropriate for your dog’s breed, size, and age. We know what it takes to give your best friend the correct nutrition at every stage of his or her life, from earliest puppyhood through the most active stages, to their golden years as a senior companion.

Providing your dog with a healthy diet will keep them healthy and active for longer – and they’ll love you even more than they do already!

Cat food for every feline friend

Cats are notoriously choosy when it comes to what they eat. But, you want to make sure your furry friend is getting the nutrition they need. At Vet Shop Australia, we make it easy, with a range of cat food designed to please even the fussiest feline! With flavours they’ll love, your cat will enjoy their food like never before.

From their early life as a tiny kitten through to their active adulthood and into their senior years, we can ensure that your cat receives a healthy and balanced diet every day. This gives them the health and energy they need at every stage of life, showing your beloved cat just how much you care.

Pet food for every companion

Dogs and cats might be the most popular pets in Australia, but we don’t stop there. We understand that there could be a wide range of other animals sharing your home, and we want to provide them with a delicious, healthy diet, too!

From small furry friends like rabbits and guinea pigs through to large companions such as horses and farm animals, we offer food which is of the highest quality, all at affordable prices. We can also provide gourmet menus for birds, fish, and even reptiles! All the pet food we sell is checked by animal health professionals to make sure it offers the top-quality ingredients and balanced nutrition your pet needs for a long and healthy life.

Every animal you share your home with is a precious and valued member of your family, and all deserve the highest levels of love and care. Feeding them the right food is an effective way of giving back the love they give to you and demonstrates to your pets just how much you appreciate having them in your life.

Why choose Vet Shop Australia for all your pet food needs?

We love animals just as much as you do! This is why we make it our mission to ensure that every pet owner can afford to give their beloved friends the top-quality pet food they deserve.

For 20 years, we have been supplying outstanding pet food products to animal lovers all over Australia and around the world. We employ a team of top veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals, led by the qualified and highly experienced veterinarian Dr Mark Persissinotto, to ensure that every product we sell is made from only the finest quality ingredients. We are passionate about providing healthy, balanced nutrition to animals of all shapes and sizes – and all at prices to suit your budget.

We know how much your pets mean to you, which is why we want to help you give them the very best quality of life. We only sell reputable brands we trust enough to give to our own pets, so you can have complete peace of mind about giving them to yours.

Buy pet food online

We make it easy for you to order pet food online, with our straightforward and secure payment system. We offer fast order processing and low-priced, fully tracked shipment to anywhere in Australia, so your beloved pets can get their paws on some delicious food as quickly as possible!

Shop our pet food range here. Or, if you would like more information and advice about any of the products we sell, our dedicated customer service team are always happy to help. Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Give your pets the best possible quality of life with pet food from Vet Shop Australia – your animal friends will thank you for it!

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