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  1. Advance Adult Cat Ocean Fish
    Advance Adult Cat Ocean Fish
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  2. Advance Cat Adult Chicken
    Advance Cat Adult Chicken
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  3. Advance Cat Adult Light Chicken
    Advance Cat Adult Light Chicken
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  4. Advance Kitten Plus Growth Chicken
    Advance Kitten Plus Growth Chicken
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Cat Food

Buy top-quality, affordable cat food in Australia

Cats are the most wonderful animals. With their soft fur and gentle purrs, they offer so much comfort and love, whether they’re cuddling up on your lap or enjoying some active play. Every cat owner falls more in love with their pet every day and can’t imagine life without their cuddly feline friend.

At Vet Shop Australia, we understand that you want to do your very best for your precious kitty and repay all the love and enjoyment they give you every day. This is why you need a reliable source of the finest quality, cheap cat food online.

We firmly believe that it is the right of every cat to enjoy a tasty, healthy, nutritious diet – and the right of every cat owner to give their friend the very best, whatever their budget. We keep our prices affordable so we can provide cheap cat food for all, without ever compromising on quality. Now all Australian cat lovers can give their feline friends the very best cat food without having to break the bank!

The right food for your cat’s breed and size

Cats are as individual as we are! Nobody knows your cat’s unique needs and nature as much as you do. But, as a highly trained and licenced team of veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals, we have years of experience of dealing with all breeds and sizes of cat.

Maybe you have a sleek Siamese or a majestic Maine Coon. Perhaps your precious Persian is your constant companion. Or, maybe your kitty is a mixed breed or rescue cat, whose true origins you’ll never know but who is loved beyond compare.

Whatever your cat’s breed, they have their own nutritional needs, which we are ideally placed to understand. We have selected a range of healthy, balanced foods for cats of different breeds and sizes to help your kitty lead a long, healthy, and happy life.

We can provide you with the right cat food for healthy skin and a glossy coat, products to keep your cat’s teeth healthy and in great condition, and even food which boosts their immunity and helps them maintain their incredible eyesight. With an extensive range of products for cats of different sizes, we can ensure kitty maintains a healthy weight, reducing the risk of illness and keeping your feline friend fit and healthy for as long as possible.

Feeding your cat the most appropriate food for their breed and size is one of the best ways of providing them with the best possible quality of life and showing them just how much you love and appreciate them. Whatever your cat’s breed and wherever they came from, we can help you give back the love they give to you every day.

Cat food for every stage of life

Every stage of your cat’s life offers something unique and special. The journey you and your cat take alongside each other is an extra-special one filled with triumphs and challenges, and together you create the most precious memories along the way.

From the moment a new kitten comes into your home, your life will be full of love. With their huge eyes and paws, these little bundles of fur are so adorable! You’ll have so much fun as you watch them learn to climb, jump and play, and develop that special bond which only you and your kitty can share. The best gift you can give your kitten is the right nutrition and energy to help them grow and develop into a healthy, happy cat. This is why we offer a range of food specifically designed for kittens to give your little friend the best possible start in life.

An adult cat is one of the loveliest companions you can share your home with. Cats are known for being independent, but they’re also extremely loving. They’ll have plenty of adventures, exploring and playing, but they also love to snuggle next to you or cuddle on your lap. Every day brings something new, so your adult cat will need the right food to keep them strong, healthy, and resistant to illness. The foods we offer all contain the highest quality ingredients and are tailored to give adult cats the energy and immunity they need to live their very best lives – all nine of them!

When your cat reaches their golden years, they need special care to keep them living an active and healthy life for as long as possible. Their teeth and bones need to be cared for, and this means giving them the right nutrition. At Vet Shop Australia, we know exactly what your senior cat needs to have the best quality of life in older age, keeping them by your side for as long as possible.

With special foods designed for a nutritious and healthy diet at every stage in your cat’s life, we offer everything you need for years filled with fun and love, strengthening the wonderful and unique bond that exists between you and your feline friend.

Delicious, cheap cat food that doesn’t compromise on quality

Cats are known for being fussy eaters, and only the best will do! It can be difficult to find a diet that will keep your cat enthusiastic about eating while providing them with all the nutritional value they need.

We have been providing Australian animal lovers with top quality pet food products for 20 years now. Our team of animal health professionals, led by renowned veterinarian Dr Mark Persissinotto, rigorously examine every product to make sure it offers the highest quality, most appropriate nutrition to give your cat a balanced diet. At the same time, all of our cat food products contain delicious ingredients which your cat will love to eat!

We only sell reputable brands we trust enough to feed to our own cats, so you can have absolute confidence in feeding these products to your feline friend. And, every time they rub against your legs or purr loudly after eating, you’ll know this is your kitty’s way of thanking you for providing them with the very best food you can buy!

It is our deeply-held belief that every cat deserves to be fed a healthy and tasty diet. This is why we keep our prices as low as possible so no matter your budget, you can afford to give your furry companion the very best in their bowl. Cheap cat food does not have to mean lower quality! All cats deserve exactly the same levels of love and care, and the price should not get in the way.

Feeding your entire animal family

Some cats love to live a life of luxury as an only pet. However, others live happy lives as part of an extended family of lots of different animals! No matter how many animal companions you have and whatever animals they are, we can help you provide them all with healthy food they’ll love to eat.

If your kitty lives with a canine companion, you can check out our dog food range. We cater for every age and size of dog, from puppies right through to senior dogs, offering your pooch the nutrition they need for a happy, healthy, and active life. Or, if you have other pets, we can feed them, too! From small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs through to fish, birds, horses, and farm animals, we ensure every animal can have a balanced diet at an affordable price. We even cater for exotic pets such as reptiles!

Your pets are an integral part of your family, and we can help you show them how much you love them by providing them with the best quality food every day.

Buy cat food online

At Vet Shop Australia, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access top-quality, cheap cat food online. This is why we offer a straightforward and completely secure online ordering system, with fast, low-cost shipping to all areas of Australia. Your feline friends will be able to get their paws on delicious, nutritious food as quickly as possible.

Our low prices make it easy for you to bulk buy cat food, so your kitties can enjoy the food they love for longer!

You can check out our entire cat food range here – with a wide selection of wet and dry foods, there’s something for every cat, no matter how choosy they are! Or, if you would like more information about any of the pet food products we sell, please contact us, and our specialist team will be happy to help.