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Buy cat food online  in Australia

We have been providing Australian animal lovers with top-quality pet food products for 20 years now. Our team of animal health professionals, led by renowned veterinarian Dr Mark Persissinotto, rigorously examine every product to make sure it offers the highest quality, most appropriate nutrition to give your cat a balanced diet. At the same time, all of our cat food products contain delicious ingredients which your cat will love to eat!

At Vet Shop Australia, we understand that you want to do your very best for your precious kitty and repay all the love and enjoyment they give you every day. This is why we keep our prices affordable so we can provide cheap cat food, without ever compromising on quality. Moreover, we offer a straightforward and completely secure online ordering system, with fast, low-cost shipping to all areas of Australia, so your feline friends will be able to get their paws on delicious, nutritious food as quickly as possible!

How to choose good cat food

Cats are as individual as we are! Nobody knows your cat’s unique needs and nature as much as you do. But, as a highly trained and licenced team of veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals, we have years of experience of dealing with all breeds and sizes of cat.  When deciding on the right food for your cat, it is vital to consider the following things

Life Stage/Age

If you have a kitten, you might have noticed their rapid growth, and to fuel this development, they require extra calories and specific nutrients. Ordinary adult cat food might not provide the right balance for their growing bodies, so it's crucial to feed them kitten-specific food to ensure they have enough energy to sustain their growth.

As cats age, their activity levels may decrease, making them prone to putting on extra weight. To address this, senior cat food is a great option as it typically contains fewer calories than standard adult cat food. This way, you can help them maintain a healthy weight without simply reducing their food intake abruptly, which might upset them if they are accustomed to eating a certain amount.

For pregnant and lactating cats, their nutritional needs are unique. Kitten food is often fed to help them grow and sustain their kittens, but specialty food designed for pregnant and lactating cats can be a better fit. These cats require a more calorie-dense diet and need to be fed more frequently to prevent any weight loss.

Breed or Activity Level

Cats' activity levels can vary depending on their breeds. For instance, Bengal cats, a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat, are known for their high energy levels. On the contrary, Ragdolls and Persians tend to be more placid, preferring couch lounging to adventurous climbs.

More active cats require extra calories to sustain their high energy levels, while less active cats are better suited to lower-calorie diets to prevent weight gain. On the other hand, indoor cats also have different calorie requirements, and many brands offer specialised diets tailored to their needs. At Vet Shop Australia, we offer breed-specific cat food and indoor cat food from trusted brands like Royal Canin, Advance, Hill’s Science & more.

Health Conditions

We understand that cats with underlying health conditions need extra care. Hence, we offer special diets from vet-recommended brands that cater to felines with hairball issues, overweight concerns, dental problems, and urinary health.

For more specific conditions, we also stock prescription or veterinary diets from Hill's Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet ranges. However, it's important to consult with a veterinarian before introducing these diets to your cat.


Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require a meat-based diet for well-being. Their bodies need essential nutrients found in animal flesh, such as taurine, which is vital for vision, digestion, nervous system, brain, and heart function. A balanced cat diet should mirror that of wild cats, high in proteins, moderate in good fats, and low in carbohydrates. 

Key vitamins like A, D, B and essential minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium are also necessary for a cat's healthy growth and optimal health. Prioritising your cat's health, it's essential to ensure their diet includes these essential nutrients from animal-based proteins.

Is wet food or dry food better for cats?

The better choice between wet and dry food for your cat depends on their individual preferences and needs. If your cat drinks plenty of water, dry kibble is suitable as they get sufficient hydration. However, if your cat doesn't drink much water, wet food can be beneficial in boosting their hydration levels. For older cats with dental issues, a soft, wet food diet may be preferred as they don't need to chew.

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