HeartGard Plus Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

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Heartgard Plus Heartworm Treatment

HeartGard Plus is an effective worming treatment suitable for dogs and puppies over six weeks old, even pregnant females. It is given to your dog monthly in the form of a meat-flavoured chewy treat which your pooch will love!

It is an effective treatment for a variety of parasitic infections commonly seen in dogs including:

  • Heartworm
  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm

Infection by any of these worms can cause serious health problems in your dog – heartworm, in particular, can be fatal if not treated effectively.

HeartGard Plus is commonly recommended by vets as it is highly effective at destroying heartworms while they are still in the larval stage, preventing the serious health problems associated with dogs harbouring adult heartworms inside them.

It is also a highly regarded product for controlling and treating the symptoms associated with roundworm and hookworm infections.

Most dogs will have some form of worms at one point or another in their lives – many worms are transmitted from mother to pup via their milk. This is why it’s essential to start your dog on preventative worming treatments as young as possible.

HeartGard Plus is a highly effective and reputable worming treatment and is easy to administer to your dog. At VetShopAustralia, we recommend it and want to make sure it is accessible and affordable for all dog owners – this is why we are a source of cheap HeartGard Plus for dogs. We keep our prices low so you are continually able to give your furry friends the love and care they need to enjoy a long and happy life with you.

If you have any questions about HeartGard Plus for your dog, please give our experienced animal medics a call on 1300 838 746.

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