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Ear Cleaners For Dogs

No matter what size or shape your dog's ears might be, it's important to check them regularly — so this is an aspect of grooming that should not be neglected. To avoid issues like infections and ear mites, our ear cleaners for dogs will keep your pooch happy and healthy — so they can play, swim and explore with ease. If you’re searching for supplies you can use at home, our online store offers the best dog ear cleaners in Australia. From all-natural cleansers that are free from irritating agents to drops, powders and gentle sprays, our at-home products remove dead skin cells and promote healing by cleaning and removing wax and dead skin from affected areas. 




How do I clean my dog’s ears at home?

Regularly removing dirt, wax, moisture and grime from your puppy's ears is a simple task when you have our dog ear cleaners on hand. After you’ve gathered your supplies, gently lift your dog's ears and fill the ear canal with spray, drop or powder solution. Use a cotton tip or ball to clean around the canal and the ridges of the outer ear before rewarding them with a treat. If your four-legged friend is prone to shaking their head when something gets in their ears, put a towel down to avoid mess and spillage.


When do I need to clean my dog’s ears?

If you notice discharge, a strange odour, or your pup is shaking its ears more than usual, it’s time to use our ear cleaning drops for dogs. Breeds with long, floppy ears or dogs who swim regularly may need their ears treated once a week, while others may need a good clean once a month. Our dog ear cleaners will keep furry friend’s ear canals dry and odour-free while providing an optimal environment for tissue regeneration. 


If your pooch’s ears are red, inflamed, painful or have necrotic tissue, do not clean them yourself. We suggest consulting your veterinarian immediately, as there may be an underlying issue you aren’t aware of.  


What are the different types of dog ear cleaners available?

From drops and powers to sprays and cleansers, we have a wide range of products that will keep your four-legged friend clean, happy and healthy. We work closely with veterinarians and animal health professionals to ensure our puppy products are of the highest quality, so you can rest assured you’re purchasing a solution that is safe for regular at-home use.