Sentinel Spectrum Dog Wormers

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Sentinel Spectrum For Dogs

Microscopic and hard to detect, fleas, ticks and worms are pesky parasites that can infect your pet and cause them pain. Not only are these parasites itchy and uncomfortable, but they also carry diseases that can cause harm to your dog’s health. Keep your dog happy and healthy by incorporating a strong parasite treatment plan to kill existing parasites or prevent an infestation. 

At VetShopAustralia, you’ll find a great range of flea, tick and worm prevention solutions that are designed to safeguard your pets' health. Sentinel Spectrum is a meat-flavoured chew that is easily digestible and provides protection against a broad spectrum of parasites. For Sentinel all wormer products as well as a huge range of wormers, heartworm treatments and flea and tick prevention products, explore VetShopAustralia’s online store today!


Does Sentinel dog wormer cover all worms?

Containing Iufenuron, an active ingredient that prevents eggs and larvae from hatching, Sentinel Spectrum provides protection against heartworms and a number of intestinal worms including hookworm, tapeworm, roundworms and whipworms.

How long does it take Sentinel for dogs to kill worms?

Once digested, the chewable treats will kill internal worms within 1 to 2 days and kill external parasites like ticks and fleas within 24 hours. Both Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum are safe for puppies aged 4 weeks or older, pregnant dogs and breeding or breastfeeding dogs.

Does my dog need both NexGard and Sentinel dog wormer?

While Sentinel Spectrum can kill unhatched flea eggs and effectively break the infection cycle, it does not kill immature or adult flea infestations. If you find that your dog has a substantial flea infestation, we suggest that you combine your Sentinel Spectrum treatment with NexGard to provide broad-spectrum protection.

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