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Cat Toys Australia

Find the perfect cat toy for your feline friend at Vet Shop Australia

Cats love to play! Playing with your cat is one of the best ways to enjoy your time together. It builds up trust between you and strengthens the special bond you share with your pet. It is also one of the most important things you can do for your cat’s health and wellbeing.

But which cat toys should you buy? In a huge market like toys for cats, you need to be sure that you are buying toys that are top-quality and suitable for your cat at every stage. At Vet Shop Australia, we offer an extensive range of cat toys online to keep your kitty entertained for hours on end! We can personally vouch for the outstanding quality of all the cat toys we sell. As we are a team of highly qualified, experienced veterinary surgeons and animal healthcare practitioners, we know exactly what to look for in a cat toy. We only sell products that we are happy to recommend, so you know you and your pet are in safe hands with us.

We also believe that every pet matters equally! This is why we keep our prices low to make sure all Australian companion animals can enjoy happy, healthy lives with plenty of enrichment. We know how much you love your cat, and we want you to be able to give them the best life possible.

Why do cat toys matter?

Playing with your cat is extremely important for cementing the bond between you. It also has a number of other positive benefits for you and your cat:

1. Play keeps your cat healthy and happy

All cats need mental and physical stimulation to keep their minds and bodies healthy. Regular play prevents your cat from getting bored or depressed as play keeps their mind occupied.

Play is also a great way to make sure your cat is getting enough physical exercise. This is essential for keeping your cat at a healthy weight and strengthening their muscles, as well as improving their circulation. Whenever you play with your cat, you know you are giving them the best protection against health problems later in life.

If your cat lives indoors all the time, there is a greater chance that they are not getting enough exercise, so playtime is extra-important.

2. Play helps your cat channel natural instincts

Cats have a natural instinct to use their hunting skills – stalking, pouncing, pawing, and biting. However, these instincts can cause problems in a home environment as your cat can end up attacking the furniture or trying to hunt you and other family members! It is extremely important to provide your cat with toys so they can use their instincts in a safe and appropriate way.

Cat toys help to prevent potential behavioural problems and ensure your cat enjoys a happy and harmonious life with you, especially if they don’t have regular access to an outdoor area.

3. Play helps kittens to grow and develop

For kittens, play is especially important. All kittens have an instinct to play with their littermates practically from birth. This helps them to learn social skills. Once your kitten comes to live with you, they will want to continue this development by playing with everyone in your home.

Play also helps kittens to develop the physical strength, skills, and coordination they will need for a healthy and successful life as an adult cat. This is something you need to nurture if you want your new kitten to thrive.

There is nothing as adorable as a kitten learning how to play with you and your family! Cat toys are important for channelling your kitten’s playful nature and making sure they have an appropriate outlet for all that energy.

What are the best cat toys to choose?

Cats have some pretty specific needs. When it comes to choosing the best cat toy selection, you have to take these needs into account.

At Vet Shop Australia, we have put together a collection of toys designed to appeal to cats and care for different aspects of their mental and physical wellbeing.

Playtime should be an interactive, sensory experience for your cat or kitten, whatever their age. It helps to have a range of toys that have different colours and textures so your cat is constantly kept entertained and won’t get bored. Toys that are small, soft, and fluffy are often a good idea as cats will naturally want to chase after them. You can also mix these in with toys that have a more crinkly texture to give your cat some variety, and to help to mimic the different conditions that your cat would find in an outdoor natural environment.

The best cat toys often tend to be toys that you can move quickly and unpredictably so your cat can have fun chasing and catching them. These toys let you play and have fun together, which is important for creating a strong bond with your pet.

Some of our cat toys online are also designed to help your cat enjoy his or her food more. Cats are notoriously fussy eaters, so it can help if you can use toys to make dinnertime more interesting. A treat ball is ideal for this – pop some cat treats inside and roll the ball so your cat has to chase it to get to the treats. You can fill the ball with regular dry cat food to make sure your kitty is eating the proper amount. Alternatively, a food maze is great for providing mental stimulation, as well as giving your cat a more interesting way to eat.

Scratchers are particularly important if you have an indoor cat. A scratcher can prevent your cat from damaging your furniture as it gives them an opportunity to exercise their pawing and scratching skills in a safe and harmless way. Having a dedicated scratcher will help your cat to burn off excess energy without causing any problems for you or your home!

You can also consider cat toys that contain catnip. Not all cats are responsive to catnip, but for many cats, it’s a real treat! You’ll love to watch your cat getting even happier as they play. All of our catnip toys are completely harmless for your pet, and many cat guardians find them very beneficial.

Whatever toys you choose, it’s important to rotate them from time to time so your cat doesn’t have the chance to get bored with their toys. Playtime has to be fun for your cat, so it’s a good idea to have plenty of toys so you can enjoy even more great times together!

Buy cat toys online

It’s quick and easy to buy the best cat toys online at Vet Shop Australia. We offer an online purchasing process that is simple to use and completely secure. We process all orders as quickly as possible, and we provide fast, fully tracked shipping to all areas of Australia at extremely low prices. It is important to us that every pet owner in Australia can take advantage of our great products, so we keep our prices as low as we can. We love animals just as much as you do, and we want to play our part in keeping your pets healthy and happy at every stage of their lives. When you buy cat toys from us, you know you are getting the highest quality at the best possible price.

You can shop our collection of cat toys online here, and make your feline friend’s day! New toys will show your cat how much you love them as every new cat toy gives you a whole range of new opportunities to spend quality time with your cat. This is what your kitty loves best, and they will thank you for it by becoming healthier, happier, and better-behaved.

If you have any questions about our cat toys or any of the other pet products we sell, we are always happy to answer them. You can contact our specialist team by phone or email, and we can give you more information about any of the products here on our site. Buy cat toys online today, and have a whole world of fun with your feline friend!

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