Revolution Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

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Revolution Flea Treatment For Dogs

Fleas and worms are microscopic parasites that aren’t always easy to detect on your pets. These pesky parasites bring diseases and discomfort when left untreated, so it’s important to treat your pet with preventative medication to ensure they stay happy and healthy. 

At VetShopAustralia, we’re committed to supplying quality parasite protection products to help you maintain the wellbeing of your furry friends. Our selection of Revolution flea treatments for dogs offers a comprehensive solution to a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites. 




How effective is Revolution for dogs?

Revolution for dogs is an all-purpose parasite treatment solution, protecting your pets from fleas skin and ear mites and internal parasites like flea tapeworm. Killing 98% of adult fleas within 36 hours and ticks and unhatched eggs within 1-5 days, Revolution flea treatment for dogs provides lasting protection for up to a month.

Fleas are most easily spotted crawling in your pet’s fur, however, they also live on their beds and other commonly visited surfaces. Not only attacking the parasites that live on your pet’s fur, but also the infestations that live in their indoor and outdoor environments, Revolution flea treatment provides complete and long-lasting protection.


What does Revolution for dogs treat?

Used by veterinarians across Australia, Revolution flea treatment for dogs and cats is a medical solution that provides protection against a wide range of parasites, including fleas, skin and ear mites and internal worms. 


How do I apply Revolution flea treatment to my dog?

Non-greasy, fast-drying and odourless, Revolution flea treatment for dogs can be directly applied to your pet's bare skin. Push back a small patch of fur behind your pet's neck or between their shoulder blades and apply the entire contents of the gel to their skin. Revolution for dogs is an all-in-one treatment for a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites, so you’ll only need one product for worms, mites and fleas.


How often do I need to apply Revolution for dogs?

As recommended by veterinarians, the Revolution flea treatment for dogs should be applied once a month. For a particularly bad infestation, the treatment should be applied 14 days after the first dosage. 


Is Revolution flea treatment safe for puppies?

Tested across 100 different pure and mixed breed dogs at all stages of life from puppies 6 weeks old to pregnant female dogs, Revolution flea treatment is a safe solution for dogs of all ages. You’ll find a specific Revolution flea treatment for puppies that can be used at 6 weeks old, containing three single-dose tubes.


Choose Revolution for dogs for a healthy and happy pet

Safeguard your precious furry friend from disease, infection and the frustration of itching with Revolution flea treatments comprehensive solution to parasites. Discover a wide range of medications and products for animals at VetShopAustralia, including wormers and heartworm medications as well as dietary supplements and grooming supplies.

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