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Cat Dental Care Products

Establishing a dental hygiene maintenance routine will ensure your pet lives a happy and long life. Depending on their food intake, it is advisable to maintain your cat’s teeth to prevent tartar build-up and gum problems. A healthy cat’s teeth should be white, clean and free from chipping, while their gums should appear pink without any redness, swelling, lesions, bleeding or sores. 

We offer a collection of cat dental care products, including cat toothbrushes and toothpaste, chews, wipes, sprays and oral cleansing gels. Browse our range online today to find Australia’s best cat dental products




What are the essential dental care products for cats?

There are a number of cat dental products that will help maintain your pet’s oral hygiene. Dental sprays are essential and should be sprayed into your cat’s mouth once a day to control plaque and tartar levels. A gentle toothbrush and meat-flavoured toothpaste will also ensure optimal dental health, as will liquid additives that you can place in their water bowl. If you have a fussy feline, we offer a range of taste-free oral wipes that neutralise zinc formation while controlling halitosis and reducing plaque deposits. 


Is brushing the only way to keep my cat’s teeth clean?

While regularly brushing your pet’s teeth will avoid a build-up of plaque and zinc, there are other dental care products you can use if you have a fussy feline. Within our range of pet products, you’ll find oral sprays, breath fresheners, water additives, cleansing gels and wipes that are taste-free and designed to prevent gum disease, flare-ups and irritations.  


How often should I clean my cat's teeth at home?

Daily brushing is certainly recommended. However, three times a week is sufficient if you have an overly active feline that’s a little fussy. If you start brushing your cat’s teeth when they’re young, it’s easier to establish an oral hygiene routine — so don’t neglect this step when you take your kitten home.

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