Heartworm Medinine for Cats

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Heartworm Medicine For Cats


Why Heartworm Treatment for Cats Is More Important Than You Think

As a cat owner, you might not think heartworm prevention is necessary for your pet. Many cat owners never buy heartworm products for their cats. It’s true, dogs are more susceptible to heartworm infection, especially in Australia. The mosquitoes that transmit heartworms prefer dogs as their natural host however cats are also at risk.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t usually get heart disease from heartworm infections. Instead, it is the cat’s immune response to the larval worm that causes serious problems.  Diagnosis can be difficult in cats, and treatment of the disease even more difficult, making heartworm prevention for cats crucial.

Symptoms of Heartworm Disease in Cats

Cats develop symptoms of an allergic reaction, including asthma like attacks, periodic vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, and cough. The cat might have difficulty walking, faint, or have seizures. Sometimes cats accumulate fluid in their abdomen. Symptoms vary in severity from one cat to the next. They range from subtle to dramatic. Many pet owners don’t realise their cat is sick with heartworm disease until it suddenly collapses or dies.

Diagnosing heartworm disease in cats is often difficult and there are no approved drugs for treating cats. The drug used to treat disease in dogs is not safe for use in cats. So, while the incidence of heartworm is lower in cats, the outcome is often more lethal.

This is why heartworm prevention for cats is so important. Some cats with heartworm disease can be helped with good veterinary care. The problem is that the condition is often missed. Without using preventative treatment, every cat is at risk of heartworm disease and the permanent damage caused by these parasites.

You can protect your cat when you buy reliable cat heartwormer online at VetShopAustralia. We make it easy to get quality products without paying the price for a vet visit. Order heartworm treatment for cats online before it’s too late for your cat.

How Heartworm Treatment for Cats Helps

Some brands of heartworm treatment for cats prevent cats from getting heartworm and other types of parasites. Our products are highly effective at protecting cats against fleas, paralysis ticks, intestinal worms, ear mites, and heartworms all in a single dose.

Heartworm prevention is essential for keeping your cat parasite-free and healthy at every stage of its life. There are safe and easy
ways to give your cat a tablet, which provides comprehensive protection from a wide range of parasites. Remember, your cat is vulnerable to numerous parasite infections including those resulting from fleas, ticks and heartworms, even when you don’t see the signs. 

If you’re still second guessing about our range and pricing for products, our experts are here to help. Contact us for any questions about our heartworm treatment products today.


Treating Other Worms in Cats

Cats are also prone to other internal parasites at any stage of their life. Roundworms are passed down to newborn kittens through their mother’s milk. Hookworms are passed on to kittens prior to birth or during nursing. Like roundworms, they lead to serious conditions like diarrhoea, anemia, weight loss, and vomiting.


Tapeworms are often problematic for adult cats when they ingest fleas or rodents that are already infected. These worms often cause similar symptoms to other worms in cats. One difference is that tapeworm segments often occur around the cat’s anus or tail when there is a tapeworm infestation.


Like heartworm prevention for cats, preventing intestinal worm infestations is better than treating them after they happen. You can buy cat heartwormer online that helps with all these common parasites and more.

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