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  1. Advantix Dog Over 25kg
    Advantix Dog Extra Large Over 25kg Blue
    From $50.80 - $168.89
  2. Advantix Dog Large 10-25kg Red
    Advantix Dog Large 10-25kg Red
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  3. Advantix Dog Medium 4-10kg Aqua
    Advantix Dog Medium 4-10kgs Aqua
    From $45.27 - $152.94
  4. Advantix Puppies and Small Dogs
    Advantix Puppy & Dog Small Up To 4kg Green
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4 Items

Advantix Flea & Tick Treatment For Dogs

Advantix for Dogs is a topical ectoparasiticide used in the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks including the paralysis tick, the brown dog tick and the bush tick; the control of lice and the killing and repelling of mosquitoes in dogs and puppies. It is able to do so because each Advantix pipette contains imidacloprid & permethrin to effectively control fleas and tick infestation and repel mosquitoes.  One application lasts up to a month.

Advantix® Key Benefits

  • Fast flea killing action within 5 minutes near the application area with rapid onset
  • Protect your dog from ticks by repelling and killing the ticks
  • High percentage of mosquito bites repelled up to 95%
  • Waterfast or Waterproof for up to a month 48 hours after application on dogs
  • Repels mosquito

Caution For DOGS ONLY: TOXIC For Cats