Interceptor Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

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Interceptor Spectrum For Dogs

Interceptor Spectrum is one of the leading heartworm treatments for dogs, and comes in tasty chews made with real meat. Heartworms can present a serious risk for your dog, and if untreated, can end up causing severe illness or death. Using Interceptor for dogs regularly as a preventative measure is an effective way to keep your canine companion healthy and safe.
Using Interceptor Spectrum every month protects your dog from a wide variety of worms including heartworm, intestinal worms, roundworm and hookworm. Unlike other products on the market, Interceptor Spectrum for dogs also treats whipworms and tapeworms.

What are the benefits of Interceptor Spectrum for dogs? 

Benefits of Interceptor For Dogs: 

  • Highly Effective against heartworms and intestinal worms
  • Tasty chew containing real meat
  • Safe for puppies older than 2 weeks
  • Safe For Border Collies
  • Month Long Protection
  • Safe For Pregnant Dogs

Getting your dog to take their heartworm medication (or any tablets for that matter!) is not always the easiest of tasks. For the fussiest of dogs, Interceptor is a great option due to its great taste. Made with real meat, a research study found that 94% of dogs will eat the Interceptor Spectrum chews straight from the hand. This makes protecting your dog from heartworm and intestinal worms easy and more enjoyable for your pet!

Interceptor Spectrum contains two active ingredients, milbemycin and praziquantel, that work to treat your dog for heartworm. These chemicals attack any worms that may be present in your dog. Both milbemycin and praziquantel distress the worm’s nervous system and the way nerve impulses pass along it. This causes the paralysis of the worm and results in its death, leaving your pet worm free.

Another benefit of choosing Interceptor Spectrum as your preferred heartworm treatment for dogs is the ability to feed it to puppies from the age of two weeks. With Interceptor chews you no longer have to wait until your pup reaches eight weeks, you can protect them from heartworm from two weeks and up. The specially designed varieties also provide you with the ability to choose the correct Interceptor Spectrum dose for your dog. Additionally, Interceptor Spectrum does not contain ivermectin and so is safe to use to treat Border Collies who cannot take standard worming products.

Which Interceptor Should I Buy?

You should choose the packet of interceptor heartworm tablets based on the weight of your dog. This is because the dosages are tailor made to offer optimal protection based on weight.

Below is a breakdown of the different types of interceptor for dogs.

Interceptor Orange - Dogs >4kgs

Interceptor Green - Dogs 4 -11kgs

Interceptor Yellow - Dogs 11-22kgs

Interceptor Blue - Dogs 22-45kgs

If your dog is larger than 45 kilograms, you may need to use a combination of tablets or different heartworm medication. Please consult your vet on the best approach for your dog.

Buy Interceptor for dogs at VetShopAustralia

With a range of chews designed for dogs according to their weight and age, from small puppies to large dogs over 25kg, you’ll be sure to find an Interceptor Spectrum product that is suitable for your furry friend. Interceptor Spectrum chews are also safe to feed breeding and pregnant adult dogs. If you have any questions regarding our interceptor heartworm prevention products, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.   
Protect your dog from heartworm, buy an Interceptor for dogs online today for fast home delivery. Or browse our range of other Heartworm treatments here.


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