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Milbemax For Cats




What is Milbemax for cats?

One of our best-selling cat worming products, Milbemax Allwormer for cats is a chewable tablet for the control and prevention of common intestinal worms in our feline companions. Smaller than most other ingestible products for sale, it is made even more palatable to your cat by being beef-flavoured. Milbemax cat wormer comes in two product sizes: Milbemax Allwormer Cat Small, for cats that weigh 0.5-2kg, and Milbemax Allwormer Cat Large, for cats that are 2-8kg. This product can be used alongside cats’ flea treatments for broader spectrum protection.


What worms does Milbemax treat?

Milbemax Allwormer for cats is effective against all common gastrointestinal worms, including roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. If given monthly, it will also keep your kitty safe from heartworms. The larvae of these worms are carried by mosquitoes and, if transferred into your cat’s body, they can multiply out of control and cause respiratory diseases, vomiting and even death.


How effective is Milbemax for cats?

Both the medications present in Milbemax cat wormer tablets, Praziquantel and Milbemycin Oxime, are highly effective. They combat and prevent parasitic worm infections and can destroy both juvenile and mature intestinal worms.


How long does it take for Milbemax to start working?

Milbemax Allwormer for cats is extremely fast-acting, and it will start working as soon as it’s ingested.


How much Milbemax do I give my cat?

For kittens and small cats that weigh between 0.5 kg and 1 kg, the recommended dose is 1/2 tablet of Milbemax Allwormer Cat Small, while cats that weigh 1-2kg should be given a full one. If your cat weighs more than 2kg, then purchase Milbemax Allwormer Cat Large and use 1/2 tablet if 2-4kg or a whole one if 4-8kg.


How often should Milbemax be given to cats?

Kittens up to 12 weeks old should be treated with Milbemax cat every 14 days and then monthly until 6 months. Cats 6 months or older should receive Milbemax cat every three months or monthly if you wish to use Milbemax cat as heartworm protection as well.




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