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Get ready to spoil your furry friend with everything they need from VetShopAustralia! We've got it all, from cozy beds and stylish collars to handy leashes, muzzles, rashies, life jackets, and so much more. Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping around because we've got top brands and low prices all in one place.

Welcoming a new puppy or dog into your home can be overwhelming, but don't fret! We're here to make it a breeze. Our wide range of quality dog accessories will help your new family member settle in faster and feel right at home.

So, what affordable dog accessories should you add to your shopping list? Let's break it down:

Feeding Supplies: Of course, food is a top priority for your new fur baby. Choose a healthy option that suits their life stage, whether they're a puppy, adult, or senior. Wet or dry food? That's up to personal preference, but if your dog isn't the best water-drinker, wet food can help keep them hydrated. And don't forget a quality food bowl! We've got all sorts, including slow feeder bowls to prevent speedy eaters, timed feeder bowls for mealtime distribution, and even puzzle balls to make treat time extra exciting. Oh, and let's not forget Likkimats to keep your pooch entertained for longer!

Somewhere to Snooze: Even if your dog prefers the floor, a cozy bed is a must-have. Choose the perfect size and material for your furry companion, keeping in mind that those tiny puppies can grow into big dogs! For those chilly climates, heating pads are a real treat, especially for dogs with arthritis. And in warmer months, raised beds allow cool air to circulate and keep those pesky fleas away.

Collars: A collar is an essential accessory for your dog, serving as identification. Attach a tag with your contact info so your pup can find their way back to you if they go on an adventure. But collars can also be fashionable! We offer a variety of styles and colors, from dazzling diamonds to spiky statements. Choose an everyday collar for sturdy durability or consider bark collars for noise and vibration feedback to discourage excessive barking. And if your dog loves to pull on walks, a head collar can work wonders.

Leads and Harnesses: Walking your dog becomes a breeze with a properly fitted harness. Instead of all the pressure on their neck, a harness distributes it evenly across their chest. Some harnesses even discourage pulling by causing your dog to turn when they pull. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to enjoyable walks!

Muzzles: Muzzles may seem intimidating, but they're necessary in certain situations to prevent biting. When fitted correctly, muzzles won't interfere with your dog's ability to pant, drink, or enjoy small treats. Safety first!

Outdoor and Adventure Accessories: Get ready for outdoor fun with special accessories to keep your dog safe and happy. Dog boots protect their paws from hot surfaces and sharp objects during those adventurous walks. Water-loving dogs will appreciate a life jacket for boat trips or any water-related activities. And don't forget doggy rashies to shield your pup from the sun's rays during outdoor escapades.

When you shop at VetShopAustralia, you can shop with confidence knowing that our team of veterinary surgeons, vet nurses, and customer service staff have carefully selected quality pet products. We only stock items that we would happily use for our own beloved pets. So go ahead and explore our range of essential dog accessories, sourced from top suppliers, all at competitive prices. Your pup will be wagging their tail in excitement!

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