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Cat Accessories

All the essential cat accessories you need, under one roof.

Getting a new cat is a truly exciting time in your life. But there are so many things to think about. How well will your kitty settle into your home? What can you do to make them more comfortable? Do you have all the important essentials to care for them properly?

Vet Shop Australia can help to take the stress out of becoming a cat parent. We have put together a great range of cheap cat accessories online, covering all the essential items you will need to help your new cat or kitten settle into your home and feel like a part of your family.

What cheap cat accessories should I buy?

Preparing to welcome a new cat into your home is all about planning. You need to think about what your cat will need. Our collection includes many of the essential items you will need to cater for your cat or kitten, such as:

1. Feeding

As well as a good supply of healthy food, your cat will need a number of accessories related to mealtimes. The most important of these is a food bowl to eat from, which should be of good quality. Some cat parents also choose to purchase a feeding mat, which gives your cat a designated place to eat within the home and helps to prevent mess from food spilling over the edges of the bowl while your cat tucks into his or her favourite dish!

However, feeding a cat isn’t always that simple. Many cats are extremely choosy eaters, and some will walk away from their bowl, leaving the food untouched. If this happens with your new cat, some more clever solutions are called for. A food maze can be a good solution as it requires your cat to work out the puzzle in order to access the treats. Having to work a little bit harder for their food can make eating a more appealing prospect for the fussiest cats.

Interactive feeders can also be welcome options for owners struggling to get their new cat to eat. A slow feeder releases a certain amount of food at set intervals, so your cat will gradually eat enough instead of being overfaced by a large bowl of food in front of them. This can also be a great solution if you have to leave your cat at home alone during the day as it will prevent them from eating all their food in one go.

2. Grooming

Keeping your cat happy and healthy is an essential part of being a cat guardian. This means you will need a number of grooming products to keep your cat looking and feeling great.

Most cats are not great fans of the water, but they can still need bathing from time to time. This is particularly important for long-haired cats as their fur can become matted and difficult for them to groom themselves. It is also essential for cats who regularly go outside as they can come into contact with all kinds of sticky and smelly substances, as well as parasites.

If you can’t face the stress of giving your kitty a bath, it is a good idea to invest in some bathing wipes. These are far easier than washing your cat in the sink as they give your cat the feeling of being stroked, when in fact he or she is also being cleaned and deodorised at the same time. Cats can also suffer from watery eyes that can lead to staining on their faces, so it’s worth buying some tear stain remover to keep your cat’s face clean and comfortable.

If your new cat is allowed outdoors, they could be at risk of picking up ticks. A tick remover is a cheap cat accessory to buy, but it is essential if you want to take the best care of your cat. This simple piece of kit enables you to remove ticks quickly and painlessly from your cat’s skin, helping them to become more comfortable and healthier straight away.

3. House cleaning

Cats are extremely clean animals, but they do have an impact on your home environment. Bringing any pet into your home will cause changes that you will need to have a plan for dealing with.

For a start, all cats will shed some fur, even if they are short-haired and you brush them every day. You will need an effective way of removing excess cat hair from your clothes and furniture. A lint roller is cheap and gets the job done, keeping you and your home looking tidy. It can also help to make your home more comfortable for any visitors who are allergic to cats.

Of course, you will also have to provide your new cat or kitten with somewhere to go to the toilet. This is one of the most basic and responsible areas of cat care. If you intend to let your cat venture outdoors, toileting won’t be a problem. However, if your new pet is to be an indoor-only cat, you will need to buy a litter tray and encourage them to use it.

Litter trays come in many shapes and sizes, but you need to think about the impact this important accessory will have on your home. If a litter tray has an attractive design, it can be easier to make it blend in with your home styling and not be too unsightly. We recommend purchasing a hooded litter tray. This has a cover over it so it hides the contents until you are ready to empty the cat litter, making it a convenient option if you have guests over. This option also provides your cat with a private place to do their business, so they are likely to be more willing to use it. As cats are so clean, they are sometimes reluctant to eliminate where anyone can see them. A covered litter tray solves the problem as your cat can actually get into it and be away from sight.

Why buy cheap cat accessories from Vet Shop Australia?

Vet Shop Australia is run by a team of registered veterinary surgeons and animal healthcare practitioners. We are all highly experienced in working with a wide variety of animals, and we are passionate about providing every pet with the best possible quality of life.

This is why we offer cheap cat accessories online. We keep our prices low so every Australian pet owner can purchase top-quality products at prices that suit even a small budget. This is our way of making sure all pets can enjoy healthy, happy lives with the people who love them.

At the same time, we won’t compromise on quality. We are all animal lovers, and we are dedicated to pet welfare. We only sell products of the highest quality, and we won’t sell you any cat accessories that we wouldn’t be comfortable using for our own cats.

Buy cheap cat accessories online

You can shop our collection of cat accessories online here. It’s easy to order from us, and we offer fast processing and shipping to all areas of Australia.

Give your cat the best possible start in your home with Vet Shop Australia! And, if you have any questions, simply reach out to us by phone or email, and we’ll be happy to help.

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