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Learn More About Cat Worming Tablets

What do cat wormers treat?

Cat wormers treat infestation and common cat parasites, including tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. These parasites are all treatable with cat wormers that contain effective active ingredients that wipe out worm infestations. We also stock specialised treatments for heartworm as well as flea and ticks.  

How often do I need to use cat worming treatments?

To ensure your feline friend is healthy and happy, it is important to deworm them regularly. Vets recommend that you begin the roundworm treatment when they’re kittens, applying it every two weeks from three weeks of age. Adhere to this twice-weekly treatment schedule until they’re eight weeks old, then apply the treatment once a month until they’re six months of age. If you have an adult cat, deworm them every one to three months. Make sure to check out our ultimate guide to worms in cats for more information. 

What is the best cat wormer on the market?

Choosing the best cat wormer for your feline can feel like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be when you shop at VetShopAustralia. All our cat supplies, including wormers are vet-approved and Wwithin our range of cat worming tablets, you’ll find tablets and easy-to-apply topical treatments from reputable brands like Revolution Plus, Revolution, Advocate and Bravecto Plus. When you invest in cat worming tablets, your furry friend has the best chance of enjoying a happy and healthy life.  

Can I treat my cat for worms without going to the vet?

We understand that taking your cat to the vet can rack up serious bills. So, why fork out hundreds of dollars when you can treat your pet for worms at home? You can prevent infestations with the cat wormer tablets available in our online store. We recommend giving your cat regular worming treatments to prevent prolonged infestation, potential pain, and an unwanted trip to the vet. 

Why choose VetShopAustralia for cat wormers in Australia?

VetShopAustralia is your one-stop shop for cat wormers. We’re proud to stock a huge variety to choose from, including tablets and topical treatments from the most reputable brands around the globe. Regardless of your cat’skitten's age, size, or breed, you’ll find an appropriate worming treatment in our online store

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