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Cat Wormer Treatments

When choosing a cat wormer, it’s essential to get one that treats all three types of common worms. Giving your cat worming tablets from a reputable maker will help ensure you never have to deal with a disgusting infestation, and more importantly, it’ll ensure your feline friend is always in the clear and healthy.

Treating Common Cat Parasites

Tapeworms get their name from their long, flat appearance which resembles a piece of tape. They have segmented bodies and are white in appearance. Most tapeworms in cats grow no more than 20cm, but they can reach lengths of more than 50cm. Once inside your cat, they use their hook like mouth to attach to the wall of your cat’s small intestine. There, they feed on nutrients from the food your cat eats. 

Unfortunately, that means the tapeworm gets the nutrition that you thought was going to your cat.

Cats primarily get tapeworms through fleas. Sometimes pieces of worms make their way to the cat’s stomach. A cat vomiting up a live worm is one way that cat owners realise their pet needs cat worming treatment. Another common sign is weight loss. The best approach to tapeworm treatment is preventing your cat from getting infected in the first place.

Choosing the right protection for your cat can be tricky, but the best cat worming products also treat roundworms, which most cats get infected with at some time in their lives. Some occur in kittens when the roundworm eggs are passed through the mother’s milk. Kittens and cats both also ingest eggs when they eat mice and other small animals that are infected.

Roundworms live in the cat’s intestines and usually show no outward signs of infection. Those with large numbers of roundworms might show symptoms of vomiting and weight loss, as with other cat parasites. They might also have a pot bellied appearance and a dull coat. Buying the best worming treatment for cats will not only protect your cat; it will also protect you and your family. Roundworms can be passed from cats to humans easily.

Hookworms are small, thin worms between 10 and 20 mm in length. They live in the small intestine and often cause no symptoms. Their teeth like hooks allow them to attach to the intestinal wall so they can feed on tissue fluid and blood. These worms inject an anticoagulant into their feeding sites to prevent the blood from clotting. A cat with a heavy infestation might develop anaemia due to a significant loss of blood.

Cats get infected with hookworms from skin penetration, ingestion, or inhalation. Mature hookworms lay hundreds of eggs. Failing to treat your cat with worming tablets for cats provides them with many opportunities to become infested with hookworms.

Getting the Best Cat Wormer in Australia for Less

Cat owners know how expensive it is to take their pets to the vet for every little thing. Sometimes, they choose lower costing products to avoid having to pay a vet bill. Shop at VetShopAustralia for the best allwormer for cats. Take preventive measures to keep your cat protected from all of the most common parasitic worms without a trip to the vet’s office. That’s even more important for cats that don’t like to go to the vet.

Often, your cat won’t show any signs or symptoms of a worm infection. When they do, it’s difficult to determine which type of parasite to treat your cat for. Using the best allwormer for cats works for all these types of worms and more. Our cat wormers work on a variety of parasites, are easy to apply, and they work quickly. If you aren’t sure which product to use for your cat, be sure to contact our knowledgeable staff.