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4CYTE Equine Epiitalis Gel Forte

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4CYTE Equine Epiitalis Gel Forte

4CYTE EPIITALIS Forte Gel is a premium daily horse feed additive designed to support and maintain joint health. It utilizes the exclusive plant seed oil called EPIITALIS, known for its cartilage repair and pain relief properties. This gel is formulated to protect and repair damaged joints, promoting overall joint health in horses.


  • Alleviates Symptoms: 4CYTE EPIITALIS Forte Gel addresses stiffness and lack of willingness to engage in activities such as jumping, cantering, or galloping
  • Complements Joint Pain Treatments: It can be used alongside prescription joint pain treatments to provide additional support.
  • Aids in Healing: After joint injuries or surgeries, this gel supports the healing process.
  • Promotes Healthy Joints: It helps protect, maintain, and promote healthy joints, making it ideal for high-performance horses.
  • Convenient Application: The gel can be easily applied, providing a non-swabbable and non-invasive option.
  • Cost-Effective: With once-daily dosing, this gel offers a small and cost-effective solution.
  • Clinical Improvements: It should produce noticeable clinical improvements within 7-14 days.
  • Endorsed by Professionals: Surgeons and veterinarians endorse the use of this gel.
  • Scientifically Developed: The gel has undergone in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies, providing a scientifically developed and backed product.


  • EPIITALIS: This exclusive plant seed oil stimulates the production of healthy cartilage, contributing to joint health and repair.


  • Loading Dose: Start with 8ml per day for 14 days.
  • Maintenance Dose: After the initial loading dose, reduce to 4ml per day. Dosage can be adjusted based on the horse's weight and joint function.


  • Draw the appropriate volume of gel from the tube using the supplied applicator.
  • Add the gel to the horse's feed for administration.

Additional Information:

  • One 250ml tube of 4CYTE EPIITALIS Forte Gel will last approximately 59 days on a maintenance dose.

Note: As with any supplement, it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian before introducing or making changes to your horse's healthcare regimen.

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