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Aristopet Bird Mite & Lice Spray + Insect Growth Regulator Ornamental Birds 125ml Expiry Date 05/24

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Aristopet Bird Mite & Lice Spray + Insect Growth Regulator Ornamental Birds 125ml Expiry Date 05/24

Aristopet Bird Mite & Lice Spray plus Insect Growth Regulator is a potent solution designed to effectively control avian mites, lice, and a range of biting insects that often plague ornamental birds. This specially formulated spray, enriched with natural Pyrethrum and Methoprene, ensures the thorough elimination of feather mites, lice, and other pests found in the birds' environment. Notably, the inclusion of Methoprene, an insect growth regulator, adds an extra layer of protection by preventing the growth of insects for up to 6 weeks. With low toxicity and proven safety, this spray is easy to use and offers up to 6 weeks of reliable defence, making it an essential tool for maintaining the health and well-being of birds of all sizes.

Key Benefits:

  • Low Toxicity
  • Safe Use
  • Controls Bird Mites/Lice
  • 6 Weeks Protection

Active Ingredients:

  • 1.25g/L Permethrin 25:75
  • 6.25g/L Piperonyl Butoxide
  • 20mg/L Methoprene

How to Use:

  • Bird Application:
    • Clear the cage of feed and water.
    • Hold the spray 30 - 40cm from the bird.
    • Directly spray the bird, avoiding the eyes.
    • Do not spray birds in confined spaces.
  • Environment Application:
    • Thoroughly spray aviary, perches, and nest boxes.
    • Allow nest boxes to dry before use.
    • One application offers up to six weeks of protection.

Safety Precautions:

  • After Mite & Lice Spray application, birds may appear distressed due to the treatment's initial effect on mites.
  • Excessive scratching and preening are common as birds attempt to alleviate itching caused by mites running through feathers.
  • If your bird displays signs of discomfort, remove excess solution promptly.
  • Contact your veterinarian if your bird exhibits prolonged distress or unusual symptoms.

Important Note:

  • Do not use on birds intended for human consumption.
  • Does not address scaly face mites.
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