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Hush B Group + Magnesium with Tryptophan 1.2kg


Hush B Group + Magnesium with Tryptophan 1.2kg


Horse training supplement containing B Group & Magnesium with Tryptophan. Symptoms include hyperexcitability, nervousness, confusion, and erratic behavior. It is used for training horses, educating them, and transporting them.



Tryptophan is an amino acid necessary for foal growth and for maintaining nitrogen balance in adult horses. As an essential amino acid, it cannot be produced in the body and must be obtained through diet. The amount of tryptophan in dried pasture and grain is low. Niacin and serotonin are produced by the body with the help of this vitamin. There is evidence that serotonin may increase sleepiness or sedation and decrease aggression, fearfulness, mania, insomnia, and pain sensitivity. Many horses show signs of nervousness and excitability when they are deficient in tryptophan. It may also be possible to calm an excitable horse through management considerations.


B-Complex Vitamins

It is important to provide athletic animals with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in their diets in order to maintain optimal health. The B-Group vitamins play an integral role in energy metabolism - the conversion of food into energy. Additionally, they stimulate appetite and contribute to the formation of blood. It is unfortunate that most B-Vitamins cannot be stored in the body and must be replenished daily.

Animals that exercise regularly and strenuously have a greater need for vitamins, amino acids, and minerals than non-athletic animals. Athletic animals have shown reduced blood counts and B vitamin levels after maximal exercise. It is common for athletic animals to have low red blood cell counts. The muscles cannot perform at their best when they have fewer red blood cells, which results in less oxygen going to them. It is necessary to consume the B complex vitamins and the trace minerals iron, copper, and cobalt to produce normal red blood cells. In times of training and stress, athletic animals require more B Complex Vitamins.


B-1 Thiamine

Heart and nervous system function properly when thiamine is present. It combines with phosphorus to form thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), which is needed for metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fat; it is also essential for growth, appetite, digestion, and nerve function. Thiamine deficiency can cause weakness, fatigue, confusion, and nerve damage.


B-2 Riboflavin

Contributes to the production of energy by muscle cells. It is necessary for the body to use oxygen and to breakdown amino acids, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Furthermore, riboflavin helps activate vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), creates niacin, and functions as a hormone booster. It could be used for the production of red blood cells, antibodies, cell respiration, and growth. As well as being necessary for periods of rapid growth, vitamin B2 is also necessary when protein intake is high. It is essential for the health of the mucus membranes in the digestive tract and for iron and vitamin B6 absorption. A combination of other B vitamins works with riboflavine (Vitamin B2). It plays an important role in body growth and red blood cell production.



The vitamin B-6 plays an important role in the health of blood vessels and red blood cells. Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B 6) is necessary for the immune system to produce antibodies. It is essential to have antibodies in order to fight many diseases. As well as assisting in nerve function, vitamin B 6 plays an important role in red blood cell production. In addition, it is necessary for the chemical reactions that occur during protein digestion. The higher the protein intake, the greater the need for vitamin B 6. It can cause irritability and confusion if there is a deficiency of this vitamin.

Magnesium plays several important metabolic roles in the body. The body uses it to produce and transport energy. Muscle contraction and relaxation are also facilitated by it. Several enzymes in the body need magnesium to function properly, including those that synthesise proteins. Hyperexcitability, muscle weakness, and fatigue are all symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

In horses with low levels of tryptophane in their diet, supplementation with Hush with Tryptophane may help counteract stress-related behaviors such as hyperexcitability, nervousness, irritability, and confusion.


Equine Health Science – Hush with Tryptophane. Suitable for training and educating horses, showing them, and transporting them.


Hush with Tryptophan Chemical Composition:

Each 30g dose contains:

  • l-Tryptophan 3000 mg

  • Thiamine Mononitrate 3000 mg – Vitamin B1

  • Riboflavin 699 mg – Vitamin B2

  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 264 mg - Vitamin B6

  • Magnesium 8323 mg


How to use:

Mix the dose well with the evening feed. Each heaped scoop holds 30g. A horse (450-500kg) (Race horse, performance horse, show horse) needs 30g (1 scoopful) a day, a heavy sweating horse needs 45g (1 1/2 scoopfuls) daily, and a pony (225-250kg) needs 15g (1/2 scoopful) a day.

HUSH with TRYPTOPHAN comes in a 1.2kg tub and is flavoured.

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