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Ilium Ear Drops 20ml


Why Buy Ilium Ear Drops 20ml?

Ilium Ear Drops are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal and are a must-have in every dog or cat owner's arsenal. They are very effective in the fight against ear mites and can help eliminate several bacterial and fungal infections in the ears of dogs and cats. 

At Vet Shop Australia, we sell and ship ilium eardrops to pet owners and vets all over the country. These ear drops are gentle and soothing for your pet, so they reduce discomfort through the treatment process. Remember to always follow the instructions when using and applying ilium drops.

This product is available in a 20 mL dropper bottle with a flexible tip, making it easy to apply.

What are the benefits of using ilium ear drops?

Our range of products is carefully handpicked by experienced vets. We only stock quality medicines, foods, and remedies, giving you the best chance to keep your pet healthy. Ilium ear drops come with a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal properties make it effective for a range of uses
  • Active against ear mites and many bacterial and fungal infections
  • Good for use on both dogs and cats.

Remember that prevention is always better than treating an infection. Take a look at our article on how to clean your dogs ears for the best tips and tricks!

What are the ingredients?

Each 20ml bottle of drops contains: 

  • 5 mg/mL dichlorophen,
  • 5 mg/mL piperonyl butoxide,
  • 500 mcg/mL pyrethrins,
  • 5 mg/mL lignocaine

Please note: Due to the sensitivity of cats to pyrethrins, the label dose rate should be closely followed.

How to use this product

Always follow the directions on the label and instructions when using this product. Apply directly to the affected ear by using the flexible tip. Try to ensure that the solution does not exit the ear.

Ilium ear drops for dogs

Ilium ear drops are a great remedy for dogs with ear issues. The medicinal properties of the solution will help to fight ear mites and eliminate a range of different bacterial and fungal infections. We also offer a range of ear cleaners for dogs to help prevent these issues.

Ilium ear drops for cats

Our ear drops are also perfect for use with cats! Simply apply as directed to combat ear mites and infections. Ensure that you follow the instructions at all times and consult your vet or our friendly team if you have further questions.

Where to buy ilium ear drops?

Right here! We stock and ship ilium ear drops 20ml to anywhere in Australia. If your pet is having trouble with ear mites or is experiencing a bacterial or fungal infection within their ears, this is the perfect remedy.

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