Surfing Dogs Set To Soar in 2017

That’s right – the beloved hydro-hounds will be back in 2017! The ever-popular surfing dogs will be back on the sand in March 2017 with VetShopAustralia once again presenting the Surfing Dog Spectacular at First Point, Noosa with ‘Mr. Dog Surf’ himself, Chris De Aboitiz.

Check out Chris De Aboitiz’s hugely popular YouTube clip, earlier this year at Avalon Beach, Sydney:


“With VetShopAustralia, we do SUP workshops, teaching people to get their dogs onboard in the flat waters of Noosa River,” says de Aboitiz. “Surfing with your dog is the ultimate, where you need to have good surfing skills yourself, but also dog behavioural skills and a good relationship with your dog.”

Open to all-comers, the free workshop on Saturday 4th March @ Noosa Dog Beach provides the skills needed to better bond with your furry, four-legged friend, whether you intend to hit the waves or simply improve your relationship. 

“We will be having a stronger focus on pet care next year, with Seresto joining us as our sponsor,” says VetShopAustralia’s Digital Marketing Manager Naomi Szabo. The newly-released Seresto flea and tick collar will be official partner of the Surf Dog Spectacular, offering water-resistant flea and tick protection for your dog – the perfect accessory for any hydro hound. 

"One of the things with the SUP Dog workshop that Chris will be running is that, while he will be doing a lot of work with people and their dogs on boards, he also works a lot with people on land with simple and basic dog behavior skills. So it’s not just about dogs on the water.”  Added to this, VetShopAustralia and Seresto representatives will also be on hand to offer pet care tips, giving the fun and excitement of the surfing dogs a more practical aspect as well.

Dog surfing has gained international renown and Chris’ YouTube clips are receiving literally millions of views. But along with the cuteness and popularity, de Aboitiz brings the strong message that every dog deserves a loving home. All of his surfing team are rescue dogs, abandoned or strays, adopted from shelters and trained as part of his pack.

“Any dog can be trained,” insists de Aboitiz, and his troupe of strays and rescue dogs is testament to this message. “There are ways to bond and understand your dog which are quick and easy.”


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