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Team Poppy

Owner: Michele & Luke

Meet Poppy, the Groodle reigning over the waves! From newcomer in 2021 to surf scene champion by 2023 with her owners Michele and Luke. Will this curly-haired sensation clinch the crown at this year's Surfing Dog Championships?

Team Rama

Owner: Chris

Rama, a star in the Surfing Dog Championships with his acrobatic tricks and prowess in big waves, benefits from the guidance of Chris de Aboitiz, a former World Tandem Surfing Champion and expert dog trainer.

Team Bu

Owner: Dane

Introducing Malibu (Bu), the Noosa-based English Staffy with a passion for paddleboarding since the tender age of four months. Bu has dedicated the off-season to training and is now poised to seize the crown.

Team Lani

Owner: Rob

Welcoming Lani to the 2024 Surfing Dog Championships! From Victoria and motivated by her brother Spike, she's transitioning from admirer to competitor. With Rob by her side, Lani is eager to reveal her surf skills and craft her own legacy on the waves.

Team Bear

Owner: Isaac

Bear & Isaac, the dynamic team, spontaneously entered the 2023 Surfing Dog Championships and hit the waves with pro-level tricks just hours after signing up. We can't wait to watch them take on the surf with gusto this year.

Team Duke

Owner: Jonesy

Introducing Duke, the 1-year-old Basset Hound sensation of the 2024 Surfing Dog Championships. With natural talent and less than a year of training, he's proving age is no barrier in surfing. Watch as Duke, the young prodigy, rides the waves to the top!

Team Banjo

Owner: Chris

Introducing Banjo, the 10-year-old Kelpie with a decade of surfing experience, gearing up for a sensational return at this year's Surfing Dog Championship. After a year off, he's ready to showcase his unparalleled style and spirit on the waves. Watch as Banjo takes to the surf, ready to make waves again!

Team Kai

Owner: Zanna

Introducing Team Kai: This Border Collie burst onto the scene at just 6 months old, making his debut in the Surfing Dog Championships. Back for this year's competition, watch as this surfing prodigy takes the waves by storm.

Team Happy

Owner: Paul

Welcome back Team Happy, the Australian Shepherd traveling from WA for another year of surf spectacle. Known for her epic tricks on the waves, she's set to thrill the audience once again.

Team Zoe

Owner: Brian

Introducing Zoe, a 9-year-old Staffy/Alsatian mix and skateboarding star, gearing up for her Surfing Dog Championship debut. With Brian by her side since puppyhood, she's a natural on waves and wheels. Watch for Zoe's wave-riding debut – a true spectacle in the making!

Team Loui

Owner: Rodrigo

Introducing the Surfing Dogs' newest sensation, Team Loui! Ready to captivate us with his wave-riding mastery. Straight from Byron, keep your gaze on the sea – Loui is about to leave a mark and conquer the surf with flair!

Team Sunny

Owner: Bianca

Introducing Team Sunny, the Surfing Dogs' latest sensation! At 3 years old, this Golden Retriever prodigy from Maroochydore has been surfing since he was 3 months. Making his debut at the Championships, Sunny's ready to charm and conquer the waves. Watch as he shines on the sea!

Check out the last years action

2023 Surfing Dogs

First Point Noosa saw epic conditions for our 12th Annual Surfing Dogs Championships. The event was thrilling, with 9 teams, including 3 new furry surfers, tearing up the waves.

It was a tough competition, all pups showing off their best tricks. After much debate, Poppy the Groodle alongside her owners Michele and Luke emerged on top scoring the Best Wave Award of '23.

We applaud Spike and Hugsley, two retiring veteran surfers, who dominated their final competition, proving themselves true legends. A truly memorable day!

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