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Revolution Cat 2.5kg-7.5kg Blue

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Revolution for Cats 2.6 - 7.5kg Blue

Revolution for Cats 2.6 - 7.5kg Blue is the ultimate solution for cat health and well-being. This innovative and veterinarian-recommended formula is designed to protect your beloved feline friend from a myriad of pests, ensuring they lead a happy and healthy life. It's an easy-to-administer, all-in-one flea and heartworm treatment for cats that simply works inside and out for a full month. This all-in-one topical solution provides comprehensive protection against fleas, ticks, ear mites, and heartworms, ensuring that your cat remains safeguarded from these common and potentially harmful parasites. Revolution's fast-acting formula starts working within hours, effectively eliminating existing infestations and preventing reinfestations with regular use.

The easy-to-apply, monthly treatment not only offers unparalleled protection but also helps maintain your cat's overall health. Revolution for Cats Blue is formulated with Selamectin, a powerful active ingredient that targets parasites at various life stages, breaking the life cycle and preventing the development of new infestations.


The Key Benefits of Revolution:

  • Comprehensive Parasitic Protection: Revolution provides all-in-one protection against fleas, ticks, ear mites, and heartworms, addressing a broad spectrum of common feline parasites.
  • Effective Flea and Tick Control: The fast-acting formula begins working within hours to eliminate existing flea and tick infestations, preventing reinfestations with regular monthly use.
  • Prevention of Heartworm Disease: Revolution protects your cat from heartworm disease, a potentially life-threatening condition transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • Targeted Ear Mite Treatment: This formula effectively targets and eliminates ear mites, providing relief from discomfort and potential ear infections.
  • Water-Resistant Formula: Revolution's water-resistant formulation allows your cat to maintain an active lifestyle, including activities like swimming and exposure to rain, without compromising the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Simple and Convenient Application: The easy-to-apply topical solution simplifies your cat's healthcare routine, requiring only a once-a-month application for continuous protection.
  • Prevents Development of New Infestations: The active ingredient, Selamectin, not only eliminates existing parasites but also disrupts the life cycle, preventing the development of new infestations.
  • Veterinarian-Recommended: Revolution is a trusted brand recommended by veterinarians, ensuring that you are using a product that prioritizes your cat's health and safety.
  • Maintains Overall Cat Health: Beyond parasitic protection, Revolution contributes to your cat's overall health, supporting their well-being and vitality.
  • Convenience for Difficult Cats: Revolution's easy application is ideal for cats that may be challenging to handle during treatment, offering a stress-free solution for both you and your feline friend.

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple treatments and the stress of dealing with different products for different parasites. Revolution for Cats Blue simplifies your cat's healthcare routine with its all-encompassing approach to parasitic protection. With just one application a month, you can have peace of mind knowing your feline companion is shielded from a variety of potential health threats. Ensure the well-being of your cat with Revolution for Cats 2.6 - 7.5kg Blue  the comprehensive, convenient, and effective solution for a parasite-free and happy feline friend. Trust Revolution and let your cat thrive in a pest-free environment.


How Often is Revolution Applied to Cats?

Revolution for Cats is typically applied once a month for continuous and effective protection against various parasites. The monthly application ensures that your cat remains safeguarded from fleas, ticks, ear mites, and heartworms throughout the treatment period. Applying Revolution consistently every 30 days is crucial for maintaining its efficacy and preventing the development of new infestations.

It's important to follow the product's specific instructions and dosage recommendations based on your cat's weight. Revolution is a topical solution, and the application process is relatively simple, making it a convenient choice for pet owners. Always consult with your veterinarian before starting any new parasite prevention regimen to ensure that it is suitable for your cat's specific needs and health status.


Do Indoor Cats Need Revolution?

While indoor cats may have a lower risk of certain external parasites like fleas and ticks, they can still benefit from Revolution or a similar preventative treatment. Here's why:

  • Fleas and Ticks: Even indoor environments can occasionally harbor fleas, and ticks can be carried inside by humans or other pets. If your indoor cat comes into contact with these parasites, they could still become infested.
  • Mosquitoes and Heartworms: Mosquitoes, which can carry heartworm larvae, can find their way into homes. Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition, and using a preventive treatment can help protect indoor cats from this risk.
  • Ear Mites: Ear mites are highly contagious and can be transmitted through contact with other pets or objects. Indoor cats, although less exposed, are not completely immune to the risk of ear mite infestations.
  • Preventive Measures for Peace of Mind: Using a comprehensive preventative like Revolution provides peace of mind for pet owners. It eliminates the need to worry about potential infestations or infections, offering overall health protection for your cat.

While the specific risks may be lower for indoor cats, the decision to use Revolution or another preventive treatment should be discussed with your veterinarian. They can assess your cat's individual risk factors, health status, and lifestyle to determine the most appropriate preventive measures for your furry friend. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to ensure your cat's well-being and to adjust their preventive care accordingly.

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