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Oxbow Essentials - Young Rabbit 2.25Kg


Fortified high-fibre food for maximising your young or adult rabbit's health.

Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Foods provide your rabbit with fibre as well as a good balance of protein and amino acids to keep them healthy and meet their nutritional requirements. Rabbits are strict herbivores and a diet high in fibre is essential for maintaining good health. Feed Essentials Rabbit Foods in combination with grass hays to ensure a healthy, balanced diet for your rabbit.

Essentials - Young Rabbit is a lucerne grass-based pellet created especially for the specific dietary needs of the young or active rabbit. Lucerne hay is used to provide an optimised balanced protein, energy and calcium source, as well as the amino acids required for the growth and health of your rabbit. Essentials - Young Rabbit can be fed to older rabbits having problems maintaining weight due to age or illness, or when supplemented with free-choice grass hay, it may also be fed to pregnant or nursing rabbits.

Made from timothy grass meal, Essentials - Adult Rabbit is specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of adult rabbits, which are lower than those in the growth stage of life. The low calcium, low protein, 25% fibre pellets provide a healthy option with no undesirable corn, seeds or fruit. Essentials - Adult Rabbit should be fed to rabbits over the age of one year who are not gestating or lactating.

Always change your rabbit's food gradually to give their digestive system time to adapt. Some rabbits are resistant to change, so time and patience are needed when switching feeds.

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